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Sunday, December 31, 1989

The El Rey Resort & Casino!

 Here are a few options.

For collectable versions:

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The research & collecting of photos and memorabilia from the El Rey Club never stops! Please contact me at 702-465-5604 or email me at if you have stories or memorabilia to share.

Here are all posts I have made regarding the El Rey.
Only a couple links are still live.

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Hey there! Andy Martello here, welcoming you to the
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For those of you not familiar with me or my work, I am a
professional entertainer, freelance humor writer, and full-time smart-ass living in Las Vegas, NV. I moved here from Chicago after a freak storm destroyed my home. Seriously.

I perform stand-up comedy, juggling, fire-eating, plate-spinning, and I even work as characters for theme parties (A gangster for a speakeasy night, a Blues Brother for a blues night, and so on.).

My act has been seen on
"Last Comic Standing", "The Bozo Show", and "Wild Chicago". My comedy sketches have been heard on The Doctor Demento Show and my columns have appeared in several online magazines, including The Cheers, Absolute Write, Malicious Bitch, & the Riverwalk Journal.

I even appeared in a political advertisement that ran nationally on CNN & Fox News, and was discussed in the New York Times.

In case you came here from this will be considerably different from my main website. Most notably, I swear a lot more here. I talk about WHATEVER THE HELL I WANT, from cigars & martinis to naked women & penguins. Sometimes I talk about naked penguins, but let's not get into that now.

I view this as my
"after-hours-hole-in-the-wall" hangout and I get to be less corporate, and more sarcastic. If you want the squeaky-clean Andy Martello, head back to my main website and everyone will be happy.

I use this blog to promote my writing & performing projects, try out comedy bits, spout out opinions, work out the bugs in upcoming columns, and meet new people. It is my sincerest hope you'll take the time to look around and enjoy yourself.

Read. Comment. Enjoy!

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Random Celebrity Memories!
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    Random Celebrity Photos!
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    Ten Things Tuesday Lists

    Ten Things Tuesday is a regular feature I started to
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    Initially it started with a post I wrote titled, "Things You'll Never Hear Dr. Phil Say". This post was well received and seemed to strike a chord with the readers. It happened to have ten things in the list & I decided to try and write a new list once a week. It's that simple.

    This is not a "Top Ten List", as they are not ranked in any way. It is also not a MEME. I don't give a damn if you plan on writing your own and I'm not setting up any code for you to embed into your blog. If you want to link the current list from your blog go right ahead. I need the readers.

    The most recent post is at the bottom of this list. Enjoy.