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Sunday, December 31, 1989

Ten Things Tuesday

Ten Things Tuesday Lists

Ten Things Tuesday is a regular feature I started to
A) Give me a reason to write a new comedy piece once a week
B) Entertain you
C) Remove one of the seven days a week where I wonder what to post.

Initially it started with a post I wrote titled, "Things You'll Never Hear Dr. Phil Say". This post was well received and seemed to strike a chord with the readers. It happened to have ten things in the list & I decided to try and write a new list once a week. It's that simple.

This is not a "Top Ten List", as they are not ranked in any way. It is also not a MEME. I don't give a damn if you plan on writing your own and I'm not setting up any code for you to embed into your blog. If you want to link the current list from your blog go right ahead. I need the readers.

The most recent post is at the bottom of this list. Enjoy.