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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

So...No Good News to Report

No "bad news" to report either, especially since I wouldn't tell you what didn't happen. I was just hoping to have something good to tell you today. Alas, the "Good News Train" didn't stop by my house today. However the "Don't Give Up Hope Train" did hang around here briefly. Either way, all I have for you is a little video. Enjoy it.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Mucho Mojo Pronto!

I can't talk about it because I don't want to "jinx" anything. Please keep me in the mojo zone right NOW!

If all goes well I'll have some good news for you as early as later today (though I doubt I'll have any good news at all).

This way...good news means something fun to share. No news or bad news means you go about your business with no regard or query as to what might have been.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Keep Those Cards & Letters Rolling In

We've not achieved the big LETTERMAN GOAL as of yet, but these things do take time. I cannot thank enough everyone for sending along copies of the e-mails and blog postings regarding my silly endeavor.

Remember, if you also send me your mailing address I'll try to locate some Andy-centric swag to send your way.

Here are a few cool e-mails (Identities omitted here unless they also posted on a blog). I only print them here because the web search spiders will find them and help get the word out there even more. This has nothing to do with stroking my ego...though I can always use a boost of morale.

I was watching the late show and saw that David Letterman and Sylvester Stallone were complaining that there are not more plate spinners. Well, I know a plate spinner that is a great entertainer. This fabulous entertainers name is Andy Martello. Please consider having him on the Late Show. Check his website out:
Best regards,
C. W.,
Naperville, IL


Dear CBS Mailbag,

Recently, I was watching an episode of
Late Night with David Letterman, and Dave had remarked
that he wanted to bring plate spinning back to television. However, I wanted to write you with a
recommendation for a gentleman who not only spin plates...but is a world-class entertainer.

His name is Andy Martello.

Having known Andy for some time, he has some great comedic material, is an excellent juggler,
and is slowly, but surely, building Internet buzz for his unique brand of off-kilter humor. He even
has a web site - - where you can learn more.

I could have done a Top 10 list, but quite frankly - it would be a waste. I would strongly encourage you

to have Andy on to spin plates, to tell jokes, but more importantly - to bring his unique magic to America.

As a long time viewer, I promise - you will not be sorry.

Thank you for your time and attention.



To whom it may concern;

ylvester Stallone brought up an interesting fact on Mr. Letterman's show; you no longer see plate spinners on television.

As a child, I often saw these masters of gravity working their magic on
Ed Sullivan (in the very same theater Mr. Letterman now works his own brand of magic in) on Sunday's, wondering how in the heck they did what they did.

Lo and behold! I know a plate spinner! Mr. Andy Martello, who can be reached at

What do you know?


K. V.



Sylvester Stallone
was on the Late Show last night commenting something about how there aren't any "plate spinners" around anymore. We'll, he was wrong. Dead wrong! Andy Martello, comedian/juggler/fire eater/magician/etc. is a kick ass performer, who just happens to be an awesome plate spinner! He even has an awesome plate spinning video game on his website... Check it out.

I think Andy's type of old school entertainment is exactly what Dave and Stallone were talking about. Andy has more talent in his little finger than most performers have in their little fingers. :)

I've known Andy for about 14 years now, and he's a great guy. I really hope that you consider having him bring his brand of entertainment to the masses...and book him to be on The Late Show. And if you do...none of this "Do your act/smile/shake Dave's hand/and get off the dang stage"-nonsense. I think Dave should sit and chat with him for a while. That way, Andy can get famous and he can thank me by buying me a burrito after a rock concert or something... and just let me hang out with his newly famous ass.

Thanks for you time,
J. D. (Chicago)

By the way...if you can't book Andy on a show with Stallone (to show him that plate spinners are indeed still...well...spinning)...have him on a show with Joe Walsh from The Eagles. Maybe Joe could even play some plate spinning music for Andy. That would rule!
Thanks again!

Once again... that's


Naturally, I love that last e-mail a lot just for getting a Joe Walsh reference in there as well. Nice!

er good folks have managed to get off some e-mails and blog posts, including my partner in crime, Golfwidow and long-time friend, Magician, Glenn Bishop.

Loads of thanks for the effort and for the support. Let's hope it all helps.

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Sunday, January 20, 2008

In a Perfect World...

Not only would I get on Letterman, but my segment would be a wonderfully planned comedy sketch leading up to the plate-spinning.

Picture this.

Myself and Sylvester Stallone in a "Rocky" style training montage. Me as the surly old plate-spinner (in full-on hybrid vaudeville performer/Mickey the trainer garb) coaching Stallone on the fine art of plate-spinning. Rocky theme music blaring, plates breaking, maybe a cameo by Carl Weathers - brilliant! The topper? A parody of "Eye of the Tiger" titled, "Balls of the Juggler" performed by Jim Peterik himself.

Listen up, Letterman & CBS. I can even write a sketch for you. I know you've got your own writers back. I'm just saying...

Keep those cards and letters rolling in.
They will be read. I will spin plates on CBS.

Many thanks to everyone who has played along with this little bit of nonsense.

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Friday, January 18, 2008

NEED YOUR HELP! Get Me on Letterman!

Andy Martello - Last great Plate-SpinnerHello there folks.

No, I don't need your help financially or any "disaster-related" way (thank goodness!). I need you to start a blogg
ing/e-mailing campaign on my behalf.

Sylvester Stallone was on Letterman tonight complaining about how there are no plate-spinners around anymore. Letterman joked, "I'll have to bring that back for you."

What better way to do so than by having yours truly, The Last GREAT Plate-Spinner, on the show? I could even teach Stallone and Letterman on-air how to spin plates. It seems a natural to have a plate-spinner on the Ed Sullivan stage again doesn't it?

How do we get this message across to the Letterman Show?

First: E-mail them at and direct them to my main website, making sure to tell them how much I completely rock.

Second: Get some blogger buzz out there and shill on my behalf. You're all looking for content every now and then, right? Well put up a post about getting my plate-spinning butt on Letterman. Link to my blog, my website, post links to plate-spinning videos - whatever. Just get the word out and get even MORE e-mails flooding the Late Show.

Third: E-mail others and encourage them to do the same. Why not? You'd do this if I were on Idol or America's Got Talent, right?

Fourth: Repeat steps one, two & three until this damn idea works.

If you do make a blog post please be sure to alert me of it and I'll send you some sort of Andy-centric freebie or something cool like that.

Please, folks. Every little bit helps. A little exposure like this can really jump-start things for me here.

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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Whatcha Listening To?

Whatever it is it CAN'T be better than the latest

Click here to get your own player.

How do I know? Because it is PODCRAPULAR!

Besides, we play a couple of tunes from
Bud Buckley and that's gotta be good.

Plus, we say some rather tawdry things along the way.

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Sunday, January 13, 2008

See Ya Down the Road, Faye.

Faye Reynolds, a good friend, frequent employer, and mother of an entire circus passed away this past Tuesday. She was 85.

Faye was the matriarch of the Reynolds Family Circus, a show & family I worked on & with many times over the years. They owned the first circus I'd ever worked on and wanted to hire me before I'd ever gone to Ringling Bros. More surprising to me was that they still wanted to hire me after I'd been to Ringling bros.

See, Ringling clowns do not have the best reputations outside of the Ringling world. They're all good professionals in the biz, but virtually every other circus on the planet requires much more from their clowns than Ringling does. Longer gags, the ability to do more time to cover up the set-up of rigging, a quicker "on-your-feet" wit and a few other traits are what most other shows look for when hiring clowns or other performers.

Since I'd had a relationship with them before I went to Ringling they took me on after I'd returned. That meant a lot to me. More than just a paycheck. of course, that didn't mean I'd go through the 16 weeks on the road without a fair share of "lousy Ringling clowns" remarks.

My first "mud show" (tented show) was theirs and my first touring show( soon afterwards) was theirs. Even though I was already a good performer with a professional work ethic I had a lot of proving and learning to do along the way. Faye was often one of the ones most eager to let me know these truths. In fact, she rarely spoke to me at all that first season unless if it was to bust my stones about something.

One day, the guy who was doing the plate spinning act and several other bits on the show broke his foot about two hours prior to show time. In a pinch they asked if I could learn the act on the spot or at least fill in some extra time. I was already doing two spots on the show, a brief appearance in the opening act gag, as well as selling balloons during intermission, but I had other acts and was willing to give the plate act a try.

What ended up happening was yours truly doing the main part of the opening gag, 3 of my own acts, the plate-spinning act, and selling balloons. I also did my normal set -up and tear-down along with the rest of the gang. In all I was on stage 5 separate times and working other duties for the rest of my time. This went on for quite a few weeks.

The end result was not only a lot more cash in my pay envelope and a new act for my repertoire, but "the new guy" was not given any more grief for the green around the gills mistakes anymore. "The new guy" had more than earned some respect from the seasoned folks, including Faye.

On the last day of the tour she insisted upon being the one to hand me my pay envelope. Upon handing me my well-earned cash she paid me one of the highest compliments you can get in the circus.

"Andy, you're a REAL trouper."

In the years since we worked together countless times, ate many a meal at many a Chinese buffet, and shared a lot of memories together. While I will never be able to say I'll miss her loud and often out of tempo organ music, I can certainly say that I'll miss her sense of humor, her personality, and certainly her friendship.

Thanks to Bob Kelmer for alerting me of her passing. I'd spoken with the family prior, but the news of the actual event came to me only recently. Here's a write-up about Faye, who had some considerable historic notoriety within the circus business.

Famed circus teacher dies

Educator helped kids of all ages

Courier & Press correspondent (618) 842-2159 or
Saturday, January 12, 2008

Leona Faye Reynolds Founded the firsteducation program for circus
employees' kids.

Leona Faye Reynolds Founded the firsteducation program for circus
employees' kids.

MOUNT VERNON, Ill. —For years, Leona Faye Reynolds and her husband,
Wayne, toured with the Carson Barnes Circus throughout the United States
and Canada as musicians. Leona was an organist, and her husband played
the trombone.

While both made their mark as circus band performers, it was Leona —
who died Tuesday at age 85 at her home in Mount Vernon — who made history
with a special school she established on the circus trail.

It all started when the owners of the Carson Barnes Circus asked Leona
if she would tutor their children, and later, their grandchildren. The
assignment evolved into a full-time job as she established the
first-ever primary education program for children of circus employees.

"She took their curriculum on the road, teaching throughout the circus
season of March through November," said Patsy Reynolds, Leona's daughter.

"She taught children from kindergarten through college prep," she said.

"She made sure they all kept up with school, and when they got back to
their hometowns, they would surpass the other students in school."

For older children, Leona made sure their curriculum was of a practical nature.

"She taught them typing, how to fill out forms and complete insurance
papers," her daughter said. "This was all in addition to teaching the
basics of history, math and English."

Leona's unique traveling school attracted the attention of circus owners and
educators alike. In the mid 1980s the
Smithsonian Institution
produced a documentary about her work with circus children. She even
made an appearance on NBC's Today Show.

The Reynoldses toured with the Carson Barnes Circus until 1985 when
they formed their own circus, the Reynoldses Family Circus, and began
touring throughout the Midwest.

Their children, Bill and Dan Reynolds performed with the circus, along
with daughter, Patsy. Another daughter, Kathleen Taylor and her
husband, Gary, of Fairfield, Ill., worked in the front office, booking
appearances and handling advertising. Leona's husband Wayne died in
1997, and the family circus made its last run in 2002.

In her later years, Leona remained active as a musician, playing the
organ and piano at a number of Mount Vernon, Ill., churches including
the Logan Street and Park Avenue Baptist churches.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Las Vegas Area Council - Boy Scouts of America: It's Not Too Late!

Every year, some poor Den Mother is expected to find top-notch entertainment for the annual Blue & Gold Dinner. This is a daunting task, especially if you've never sought out professional entertainment before. Usually the talent "scout" (HA!) is told, "Don't get someone lame like that kiddie magician we had last year," making the task even harder.

Your search is over!

I am not a magician. I work for a living! (That's a little joke I throw out to all my magician buddies. LOL!) I am a comedian & juggler who spins plates, eats fire, and makes you laugh.

Also, my act is NOT lame. My act will entertain both the scouts and the parents equally and I never talk down to the kids. Unlike some of the content found at this blog (my after hours haven) all material is family-oriented and appropriate for all ages.

I was a scout myself and I even earned my Arrow of Light patch. I know a lot about the scouting world. The show is affordable and runs 45 minutes in length. I travel extensively across the country as well as performing for events in and around the Las Vegas Council area (AZ, NV, CA) area. I have worked for countless Scouting events in my 20+ YEARS IN THE BUSINESS.

In short, I am exactly what you are looking for.

So, frustrated Den Mothers & tired Scout Masters, please take a look at my main website,, and review the many photos, videos, and references found within. Should you have any questions about the show you can contact me by e-mail or by phone.

Should you need promotional materials to show your committee, I will happily forward a DVD & press kit.

So please, if you are finding this blog and you're involved with scouts in any capacity, pass along my information to whomever is booking the Blue & Gold Dinner in your group (Generally running anytime from January through March) or any other scouting events (jamborees, monthly pack meetings, etc.). I can provide you with plenty of promotional materials and testimonials to help make your decision easier.

In fact, let me reprint one great testimonial I received from a scouting group not too long ago.

"Andy was hired for a Boy Scout 50th anniversary celebration. Current scouts, past Eagle scouts and their young families, cub scouts and leaders of all ages from the last 50 years were in attendance.

All I can say is WOW! The children, the Boy Scouts, the young parents, the older parents, the empty nesters, the Pastors; EVERYONE was thoroughly entertained and gave me feedback of "EXCELLENT" on hiring him.

I would recommend him for any type of event. Good clean fun and entertainment. He is quite a comedian along with his acts. No one should hesitate in hiring him.

DiAnn Behrens, 50th Anniversary Coordinator, Troop 92, Lake Zurich, IL
--D B.
Lake Zurich, IL"

Arrow of Light

My Website:
My E-mail :
My Cell Phone: 630-853-0221 (Number will be changed to a Local 702 area code shortly. E-mail me if you'd rather I contact you on my dime.)
My Rates: You simply have to contact me to find out. :)

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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

It's About Time

I'm sure this is the title of the CD and not a
commentary about how long it took me
to make Bud Buckley laugh.

Many thanks, Bud for sending along the NEW CD.
I'll be listening to it on my days off!

Buy your own copy.

Visit Bud Buckley online at MANY cool places.


Sunday, January 06, 2008


You'll just have to see the eBay listing
(or click to enlarge this picture)
to truly appreciate this.

"Condition: New: Without Box"

I beg to differ...on both the "new" and the "without box".

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Gig Today!

I don't get to say it often enough lately, but I have a gig today. I really hope it goes well.

It is not that I'm worried about my abilities or my confidence level, though I suppose there's a bit of that. I'm hoping this goes well because this event is for a local event producer who will be attending the event. She has been among the ONLY event planners I've met out here, if not anywhere, that has not only returned every phone call and e-mail, but has been 100% on the ball about every detail from the start. She even called me the other day to let me know that Mapquest has a completely wrong set of directions from my home to the event. She called to give the right ones. Damn that's cool!

If just one event planner uses me, likes the performance, and finds value in the amount charged for the service then it can lead to even more shows. I'm still bugging those who have yet to respond to me and bugging even more the group that booked me in Laughlin back in November. One day the work will return I'm sure. I just hope it is sooner rather than later.

Keeping fingers crossed and breath held. I can use some good always.

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Friday, January 04, 2008

Something RARE! Andy Martello Performs...MAGIC!

Not too long ago I performed a couple of shows for a school here in Vegas. They were having an enrichment program for certain students and the thing they were studying was magic.

The teacher thought to e-mail the fine folks at Houdini's Magic Shop, my "day job" hoping to have someone come out and give a demonstration. The folks at my store recommended me to go out there since they knew I was a professional performer, good with kids, and competent enough to perform some magic even though I am not a magician by trade.

I perform several magic tricks a day as a salesman at Houdini's. I was a tad nervous about doing a full on show, especially if I was also to teach a few folks some tricks afterwards, but they assured me I could do some of my regular act as well as some magic.

I got a bit more nervous when I found out the owner of the company, Geno Munari, would be there and videotaping the show. I'd not met him at that point and I felt that the first meeting should not feature me doing a performance art I do not perform.

All told the shows went extremely well. Geno enjoyed my performances, I made some much-needed extra cash if not a good impression with Geno, and I believe there are more shows in my future. At the very least I found out I can perform a few magic tricks if I ever needed to fill in some time at a show.

If you go to the Houdini's website (in the "watch videos" section) you can see the video they produced from the footage. A great little performance and promotional piece if I do say so myself.

Watch Videos Main Page

Andy Martello at the Clark County Schools Direct Link


Thursday, January 03, 2008

Lots to Say, Little Energy to Say It

Since I'm not really in the mood to say much about my Grand Canyon gig, the holidays, the Samson TV show, and whatever else I would normally be talking about I thought I'd direct you to the most recent Podcrapular Lite. This one features me as a solo blabbermouth. The subject I speak of most often in this show? ME!

OK, I also talk about comedy and share some of my performances with anyone willing to listen. So that means, nobody will hear it I'm sure.

If you'd like to listen in you can go to the Podcrapular site or just listen here on this lovely embedded player.

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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

A New Year

Depending upon your perspective 2007 was either the best year or the worst year of my life. Regardless it may have been one of the longest and the shortest years of my life.

We only got to enjoy three full months of 2007 before everything changed. I can't even say we enjoyed all that much of those three months because much of that time was spent getting pissed about our apartment complex changing over to low income housing and forcing us to move out of our home of 5 years to find some other apartment. Little did we know.

In any event I'm very thankful to be living here in Las Vegas now. I would certainly like to be able to make a living as an entertainer again some time soon, but I am hopeful that will come.

I've no idea how the heck paying taxes this year will work out. Lord knows I don't need any tax headaches.

I'm still behind on getting my finances under control, which will be somewhat important if we really have any chance of actually buying this house we're living in now. Hell, I can't even be sure we want to buy a house since we never have any money and I understand that homes only cost you money all the time. I don't know.

What I do know is that 2007 was rather tough for us but it did prove to be "worth it" in the long run. Some of the year trod along at a snail's pace all while being nothing but a complete blur to me.

Happy NEW Year to all. Here's hoping for no natural disasters this year.