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Thursday, December 08, 2016

A Stupid Story About John Glenn, By Andy Martello

From Andy Martello's Stupid Stories About Famous People (John Glenn)

"Not being very politically-minded at the time, I struggled to see anyone I could identify. I recognized Senator John Glenn immediately for a couple of reasons, neither of which had to do with politics. First, my parents never stopped making us aware of every damn famous person Ohio ever produced. They were both from the Buckeye State, and never lost a bit of pride about it. Seriously, I cannot tell you how many times they mentioned a politician, sports figure, author, inventor, or entertainer in casual conversation because they were from Ohio. Second, I’m geek! John Glenn was the first damned American man to orbit the Earth for God’s sake! There was a Mercury astronaut right in front of me! How the hell did I get lucky enough to be in the same room with John Glenn, much less shake his hand?

I had no choice but to remain in character and keep the light-hearted hilarity flowing in the room. As he approached the escalator I kept shaking in my oversized shoes. John f’ing Glenn was heading my way. I’m certain he was walking in slow motion, and the music from The Right Stuff was playing in the background, but in reality none of that happened. He made it to the escalator, and I introduced myself. He smiled and humored me. Thinking about my parents and how elated they would be to hear I met John Glenn, I greeted him as “A nice Ohio boy” which prompted him to ask if I was from Ohio. I told him about my parents and their admiration of him. I took the opportunity to make a joke before sending him down to the banquet. “So . . . what have you done with yourself since orbiting the Earth? Anything good?” He laughed and said, “Well, I am a U.S. Senator.” I smiled and said, “So, nothing? Ah, well, we still love you. Since you’ve already come down so far, go a little further down these stairs and follow the signs.” Glenn laughed, shook my hand again, and wished me a good night."

Rest in Peace, Senator Glenn. You were a true American hero and we need more men like you today.

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