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Monday, June 12, 2006

Ten Things Tuesday: SPAM E-Mail Subject Headers I'd Like to See

Now Silicone Flavored!

  • Make THOUSANDS Sending SPAM E-Mail!
  • Our Peni$ Enlargment Pills Raise Your Crdit Score
  • Here's that Computer Virus You Asked for.
  • Buy Shit on eBay, Sell it on Yahoo Auctions!
  • Full of Health? Try Smoking!
  • Like you, I'm not ewaaring any pants. Damn, I too have a small prick, xyetrwyi.
  • Consolidate y debts! Smash them into tiny bits with your newly enlarged cock
  • I Can't Spell Vyagara, Seealice, or Liveetra!
  • Christain Singles with Small Peckers JUST LIKE YOU love this small-cap stock.
  • [RE:4] Refinance now to buy your intertnets Ho0odia buisiness and cure ANY DISEASE


Blogger sue said...

Awww...c'mon...I'll bet you HAVE seen at least ONE of these!

5:49 AM

Blogger Spook said...

I wonder how long it'll be before they start using Viagra's trade name (as opposed its commercial name). The name? Mycoxafloppin.

1:21 PM

Blogger Andy Land said...

I thought I'd heard every Viagra joke ever. lol

9:05 AM

Blogger golfwidow said...

"Weer smatr. Get you're deploma from us!"

9:13 AM


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