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Monday, October 02, 2006

Ten Things Tuesday: Podcast Primer

If any of you have been reading Golfwidow's blog, it is likely that you have also been listening to her "Brain Confetti" podcast. If you have done neither than I can't imagine just how much "SUCK" is coarsing through your body right now. Should you feel the need to rectify your suck-filled situation and listen to her podcast, this would be a great time to start. Why? Because starting this week, and continuing indefinitely, I'll be a regular guest on her podcast.

We've started chatting via GoogleTalk and recording our riveting conversations. For whatever reason, she's decided they're interesting enough to share with the world in the form of a podcast. Who am I to argue? I'm one interesting muthafookah.

So, right now you can listen to the first installment of "A Weekend of Ill-Conceived Notions". This is the first portion of our most recent conversation and I'm quite sure you'll hear more from us week after week. I'm hopeful she'll actually edit out the not-so-funny stuff and just use the funny stuff, but it ain't my show so what the hell do I care, right?

In case you listen and enjoy each week's worth of brilliance, I've prepared ten links and photos to help enhance your listening experience. If you listen and don't see a photo or a link that matches this week's podcast, then you'll just have to tune in next week. BWAHAHAHAHA!

Golfwidow's NEW BOOK!
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Dad flipping the bird

Michael Manning & Me

Flame Skechers. WAY COOL!

Me, rockin' the headset!


Chuck Taylors. There is no substitute.

The Poky Little Puppy

Jeff Buckley, not to be confused with Bud Buckley.

And last, a link to a post of mine where I use the phrase,
"More fun than a handful of puppies."
I created this phrase at least 10-12 years ago, but have only used it in my blog once.


Blogger golfwidow said...

I need those Sketchers.

3:20 AM

Anonymous LisaBinDaCity said...

You're a busy boy! Er man ;-)

5:40 AM

Blogger Purring said...

Gotta admit...those Skechers do rock! I will listen..I'll try, I promise.

11:14 AM

Blogger Purring said...

You have a very melodic voice dear Andy!

11:17 AM

Blogger Andy Land said...

Awww, purring, you haven't even heard my smooth radio voice yet. ;)

Everyone loves my footwear!

8:42 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

in that pic, you and Michael look like bro's!!

12:02 PM


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