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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Why Not Me?

That's my political slogan.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I Love Being Surrounded By Beautiful Women!

Check out the current advertisement for Ford Westland, Inc., a top provider of talent and services for the convention and trade show industry.

As seen in the July 2008 edition of
Trade Show Lifestyles Magazine
(Click to enlarge)

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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Can There Be Worse News than the Death of George Carlin?

Not in my world.

I never got to see him. Never could get the timing right nor the funding together.

It is always about timing in some way I guess.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Believe Me...

..When i have news to report, it should be something G-O-O-D!

At least I'm hoping so.

Still waiting.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Stuff in the Oven

I've got a lot of things cooking right now. If all goes well I may have big news to share sooner rather than later. Until then...keep the good thoughts a comin'.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I'll Sure Be Glad...

...when all the various projects pay off (if, indeed any of them actually do pay off). I'm already tired. I'm already worried about going broke. I'm already stressed out to the point of hives.

That being said, the show I'm working on could be HUGE! The tour guide thing could be great (assuming I get trained and ever get to that paid working thing with them). The business training thing could be another big and diverse source of income.

I just need to not go under before one of these things brings about some moolah.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Yellow Book Report: Part Two: Early Signs

I cannot be upset about getting three calls as a result of my Yellow Book ads since the 18th of May. It means people are indeed reading the ad and feeling inspired to call.

I can be a tad upset that nobody has booked any shows. I can be more upset that it seems that the people reading the Yellow Book are CHEAP!

Again, I received a call for a somewhat last minute graduation party show and [SIGH!] another birthday party. Both times I quoted a VERY reasonable price, especially when you consider that I have been doing this professionally for nearly 25 years and and that I am in one of the entertainment meccas of the world. Both times they were frightened away by the cost.

There are an estimated TWO MILLION PEOPLE living in Clark County, with about 600,000 in the city of Las Vegas alone. This is not a small town and the population & average salaries of the people here means this area falls well within the range of the measly sum I ch
arge for a stinkin' birthday party. That being said, I am apparently too rich for the blood of the folks who care enough about their kids to spring for a party, but not enough to plan ahead longer than a week or so.

From now on I think I will try to find out what the person is looking to spend and then tell them what kind of show I can offer for that price. MAYBE that will generate some kind of interest or work. I've had some folks not even return the follow-up calls, presumably because they're too afraid to talk to the guy with the high price. I don't know.

What bugs the hell out of me is that people must know that Yellow Pages ads cost money. I can't assume everyone out there knows that they are actually pretty expensive since most people don't advertise in the phone book unless they have a business. Regardless, if you are looking to spend about $50.00 for entertainment, why would you choose to call the guy with the biggest and prettiest ad in the book. Even a moron would have to assume those ads are more expensive than the tiny ones and therefore, the act may charge more than others, right?

Ah well, at least the phone is ringing. For those keeping score...

"Party Planning Service" Category:
Three Calls, No Bookings

"Entertainment - Family" Category:
No Calls, No Bookings

I am assuming one of the calls came from the "party Planning Service" category since that's where the others came from. Of course I can't say for sure since this cheapo won't return my follow-up phone calls. Stay tuned.

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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

What's Happening In Andy Land?

Here's as much as I can tell you right now.

I'm going to be very tired for the next several weeks.

Yesterday I started training for a new job. This is in addition to my Houdini's job so it is not a replacement gig but a second job. I'm dropping Houdini's to a part time position (Two, up to three or four days a week) so I may start work for the Big Horn Tours company.

Remember back around Christmas time when I worked a gig at the Grand Canyon? Circumstances of that booking made it so I would not return there unless A) I was very, VERY hungry, and B) I was in a Hummer so I could drive that awful 14 mile rocky road safely.

Well...I'm going to be one of Big Horn's tour guides and I'll be driving people to the Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon in...a Hummer H2.

The money is decent and the potential for an occasional gratuity doesn't hurt, though I can't depend upon that stuff. Moreover it will put some distance between me and the ongoing drama at Houdini's while still being flexible enough to accommodate my entertainment schedule.

I have also been rehearsing with a good friend and business partner on a show for the corporate, casino, college, and theatre markets. This is an established act that has been working steadily for about 7 years out here in Vegas. It is a duo comedy/magic act and one half of the team is leaving the biz to do something crazy like move to Arizona and raise a family (or something ridiculous like that). I would be taking his place, assuming his role, and expanding the act's versatility with stronger comedy, more variety, and a better stage presence (At least that's what I've been told...I'm not THAT arrogant to believe all that stuff.).

Of course, I cannot make an official announcement nor even tell you the name of the group yet as they still have some bookings together and we're not ready to completely start booking the new show yet. However it is happening and I'm in the process of crazily learning the existing acts in my "spare time". Just thought you should know about it.

The Yellow Book ad has brought about three calls so far. A separate post about that later.

In the interim I'll be working on some corporate training presentations for Sheryl Parks of Sparks to Flame, Inc. here in Vegas. This is a great opportunity as she is one of the leading business trainers specializing in small to medium-sized businesses hoping to get to "the next level". She has a fantastic program and provides excellent results for her clients. She foolishly asked me to be a part of her new presentations and I'm honored...if not completely frightened of the prospect of screwing up her whole operation. ;)

So there are some updates. Not sure how I'm going to get all of this done, but I'll keep you updated when I have time. HA!

Monday, June 02, 2008

Entertainment Clearance Sale

Comedian, Dick Martin dies at 86

Actor/Director Sydney Pollack dead at 73

Harvey Korman, LEGEND/GENIUS, dead at 81

What will anyone wear to the funerals now that Yves Saint Laurent is gone?

I'd whistle a happy tune to cheer myself up, but Earle Hagen died too.

Speaking of music...Rest in Peace, Bo Diddley.

This is all in one week. GEEZ!