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Monday, January 01, 2007

Ten Things Tuesday: Post New Year's Activities

  • Refill your prescription for Prozac now that you're faced with the harsh reality that "The Holidays" cover up and end with "WINTER"
  • Try to find your pants. They're probably with your car, which is also missing.
  • Take inventory of fingers and toes. Always a good practice after any heavy-drinking holiday.
  • Thank God that Gerald Ford died in order to provide you a 4 day weekend with that "National Day of Mourning" crap (Government employees only).
  • Petition U.S. Government. Try to get National Day of Mourning for James Brown.
  • Call in sick from work (All non governmental employees).
  • Replay TIVO recording of "Rockin' New Year's Eve" to see how good Dick Clark looked.
  • Call up friends and talk about how good Dick Clark looked the other night.
  • Call friends back. Explain that you were too drunk (or too hung over ) when you initially called. Explain that the good looking man was Ryan Seacrest.
  • Call friends again. Explain that you are so not gay for thinking Ryan Seacrest looked good.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ryan Seacrest looking good needs no explanation. He has too many 'people' to go out looking less than good. Being gay is something totally different!!

10:15 PM

Anonymous LisaBinDaCity said...

Sorry Andy, that's still gay.

By the by, I listened to you and GW's podcast. Nice job! And boy do you have a radio voice ;-)

Hoping we get rich together in 2007!

5:04 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

personally, I think Ryan looks like a Dick. I mean, dick. :D

8:09 AM

Anonymous hellbunny said...

Happy new year

8:58 AM

Blogger Ole Blue The Heretic said...

LOL, Happy New Year

9:53 AM

Blogger Bud said...

I'm so glad your New Year's Eve was THAT much fun. At least the parts you remember. I bet the parts you can't remember were a giant pisser too!@

10:11 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for making me laugh right from your first line!

12:23 PM

Anonymous DB said...

Hope you're having a Great New Year Andy !! :)

2:02 PM

Blogger Andy Land said...

Glad everyone is enjoying the list. Happy New Year to everyone.

9:43 AM


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