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Friday, January 18, 2008

NEED YOUR HELP! Get Me on Letterman!

Andy Martello - Last great Plate-SpinnerHello there folks.

No, I don't need your help financially or any "disaster-related" way (thank goodness!). I need you to start a blogg
ing/e-mailing campaign on my behalf.

Sylvester Stallone was on Letterman tonight complaining about how there are no plate-spinners around anymore. Letterman joked, "I'll have to bring that back for you."

What better way to do so than by having yours truly, The Last GREAT Plate-Spinner, on the show? I could even teach Stallone and Letterman on-air how to spin plates. It seems a natural to have a plate-spinner on the Ed Sullivan stage again doesn't it?

How do we get this message across to the Letterman Show?

First: E-mail them at and direct them to my main website, making sure to tell them how much I completely rock.

Second: Get some blogger buzz out there and shill on my behalf. You're all looking for content every now and then, right? Well put up a post about getting my plate-spinning butt on Letterman. Link to my blog, my website, post links to plate-spinning videos - whatever. Just get the word out and get even MORE e-mails flooding the Late Show.

Third: E-mail others and encourage them to do the same. Why not? You'd do this if I were on Idol or America's Got Talent, right?

Fourth: Repeat steps one, two & three until this damn idea works.

If you do make a blog post please be sure to alert me of it and I'll send you some sort of Andy-centric freebie or something cool like that.

Please, folks. Every little bit helps. A little exposure like this can really jump-start things for me here.

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Blogger Bud said...

I haven't been blogging or doing much of anything but promoting myself and playing gigs and teaching guitar BUT I did send CBS the requested e-mail. Good luck with that, my friend.

3:52 AM

Blogger sue said...

I did the email and the blog post link is on my "to do" list after surgery...!!

9:22 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


Michael Jae (Stoned Ranger here)

E-mail me and I will get you on my shows (radio and TV) to help spread your plate spinning

Talk to you soon

6:28 PM

Blogger Glenn Bishop "Bish The Magish" said...

That is a riot of an idea Andy and in my opinion It should be on TV.

I would like to say that I have done many shows with Andy Martello and in my opinion - and I have seen a lot of acts over the years - Andy Martello is one of the best acts working today.

Glenn Bishop

7:25 AM

Blogger golfwidow said...

I don't know how I feel about plate-spinning, really. It seems like the cake would just fly right off that thing, and my mom told me not to waste food.

12:08 PM

Blogger KG said...

Hey old friend, I sent the email too. Hope it works!
Hogs & quiches,
Karin :)

8:18 PM

Blogger Gordon said...

I've just fired off an e-mail, and I'm working on a blog post.

Because, my friends, in a time of strife, there's nothing that will help our national psyche heal more...than plate spinning.

7:31 AM


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