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Monday, June 26, 2006

Andy Martello: A Testimonial

I just discovered that a previous client was kind enough to leave some positive feedback about my act at Gigmasters, the booking referral website where she found me. Since I'm always up for reading good things said about me I thought I'd share it here. Who knows? Maybe someone interested in hiring a comedian/juggler/fire-eater/plate-spinner guy will read this and give me a call.

"Andy was hired for a Boy Scout 50th anniversary celebration. Current scouts, past Eagle scouts and their young families, cub scouts and leaders of all ages from the last 50 years were in attendance.

All I can say is WOW! The children, the Boy Scouts, the young parents, the older parents, the empty nesters, the Pastors; EVERYONE was thoroughly entertained and gave me feedback of "EXCELLENT" on hiring him.

I would recommend him for any type of event. Good clean fun and entertainment. He is quite a comedian along with his acts. No one should hesitate in hiring him.

DiAnn Behrens, 50th Anniversary Coordinator, Troop 92, Lake Zurich, IL
--D B.
Lake Zurich, IL"


Blogger sue said...

Hmmm... you sounded surprised that she would post this! You shouldn't be...

11:55 AM

Blogger Andy Land said...

I was surprised to find it, but not necessarily curprised she wrote it. This show was most excellent and she was very complimentary afterwards.

I'm just glad I found it as I can use it to sell the act...if anyone ever wants to buy the damned thing.

9:33 PM

Blogger sue said...

You know I would... If I just had SOMETHING for you to perform for!

5:50 AM

Blogger Jade said...

I wish I could have hired you to come and perform for my housewarming party! You were the number one guest on the guest list, but when I checked my bank balance, there wasn't enough in there to bring you out here and pay for your performance....I'm such a shoe.

10:29 PM


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