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Friday, January 04, 2008

Something RARE! Andy Martello Performs...MAGIC!

Not too long ago I performed a couple of shows for a school here in Vegas. They were having an enrichment program for certain students and the thing they were studying was magic.

The teacher thought to e-mail the fine folks at Houdini's Magic Shop, my "day job" hoping to have someone come out and give a demonstration. The folks at my store recommended me to go out there since they knew I was a professional performer, good with kids, and competent enough to perform some magic even though I am not a magician by trade.

I perform several magic tricks a day as a salesman at Houdini's. I was a tad nervous about doing a full on show, especially if I was also to teach a few folks some tricks afterwards, but they assured me I could do some of my regular act as well as some magic.

I got a bit more nervous when I found out the owner of the company, Geno Munari, would be there and videotaping the show. I'd not met him at that point and I felt that the first meeting should not feature me doing a performance art I do not perform.

All told the shows went extremely well. Geno enjoyed my performances, I made some much-needed extra cash if not a good impression with Geno, and I believe there are more shows in my future. At the very least I found out I can perform a few magic tricks if I ever needed to fill in some time at a show.

If you go to the Houdini's website (in the "watch videos" section) you can see the video they produced from the footage. A great little performance and promotional piece if I do say so myself.

Watch Videos Main Page

Andy Martello at the Clark County Schools Direct Link



Blogger muthah said...

That's great! Onward and upward, Andy..

4:57 AM

Blogger Jules said...

That's awesome Andy. The kids look like they are having a good time and you seem very natural. I love magic and when it's fun, it's even better!! Bravo!!

11:22 PM

Blogger golfwidow said...

That's what I need to do ... tell people "This is where you cheer really loudly", then give them gift bags. No wonder I suck.

(Seriously, you would have rocked the clizzassroom without all of that.)

6:52 AM

Anonymous Kellie said...

Hey Andy,

Great job with the kids but I have to say, you're skin and bones! What's the matter with you, you go out to Las Vegas, you don't call you don't write and now you're not eating. A place of sin I tell you. And as I look away, half close my eyes, adjust my glasses, I say, "Las Vegas? It wasn't good."

You know the look.

Again, good job on the video.

Now I fyi away Beardface. Call me why don't you.

6:29 AM


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