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Friday, January 11, 2008

Las Vegas Area Council - Boy Scouts of America: It's Not Too Late!

Every year, some poor Den Mother is expected to find top-notch entertainment for the annual Blue & Gold Dinner. This is a daunting task, especially if you've never sought out professional entertainment before. Usually the talent "scout" (HA!) is told, "Don't get someone lame like that kiddie magician we had last year," making the task even harder.

Your search is over!

I am not a magician. I work for a living! (That's a little joke I throw out to all my magician buddies. LOL!) I am a comedian & juggler who spins plates, eats fire, and makes you laugh.

Also, my act is NOT lame. My act will entertain both the scouts and the parents equally and I never talk down to the kids. Unlike some of the content found at this blog (my after hours haven) all material is family-oriented and appropriate for all ages.

I was a scout myself and I even earned my Arrow of Light patch. I know a lot about the scouting world. The show is affordable and runs 45 minutes in length. I travel extensively across the country as well as performing for events in and around the Las Vegas Council area (AZ, NV, CA) area. I have worked for countless Scouting events in my 20+ YEARS IN THE BUSINESS.

In short, I am exactly what you are looking for.

So, frustrated Den Mothers & tired Scout Masters, please take a look at my main website,, and review the many photos, videos, and references found within. Should you have any questions about the show you can contact me by e-mail or by phone.

Should you need promotional materials to show your committee, I will happily forward a DVD & press kit.

So please, if you are finding this blog and you're involved with scouts in any capacity, pass along my information to whomever is booking the Blue & Gold Dinner in your group (Generally running anytime from January through March) or any other scouting events (jamborees, monthly pack meetings, etc.). I can provide you with plenty of promotional materials and testimonials to help make your decision easier.

In fact, let me reprint one great testimonial I received from a scouting group not too long ago.

"Andy was hired for a Boy Scout 50th anniversary celebration. Current scouts, past Eagle scouts and their young families, cub scouts and leaders of all ages from the last 50 years were in attendance.

All I can say is WOW! The children, the Boy Scouts, the young parents, the older parents, the empty nesters, the Pastors; EVERYONE was thoroughly entertained and gave me feedback of "EXCELLENT" on hiring him.

I would recommend him for any type of event. Good clean fun and entertainment. He is quite a comedian along with his acts. No one should hesitate in hiring him.

DiAnn Behrens, 50th Anniversary Coordinator, Troop 92, Lake Zurich, IL
--D B.
Lake Zurich, IL"

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My Cell Phone: 630-853-0221 (Number will be changed to a Local 702 area code shortly. E-mail me if you'd rather I contact you on my dime.)
My Rates: You simply have to contact me to find out. :)

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Good Ad, Andy. I promise not to curse here for a while.

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