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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Keep Those Cards & Letters Rolling In

We've not achieved the big LETTERMAN GOAL as of yet, but these things do take time. I cannot thank enough everyone for sending along copies of the e-mails and blog postings regarding my silly endeavor.

Remember, if you also send me your mailing address I'll try to locate some Andy-centric swag to send your way.

Here are a few cool e-mails (Identities omitted here unless they also posted on a blog). I only print them here because the web search spiders will find them and help get the word out there even more. This has nothing to do with stroking my ego...though I can always use a boost of morale.

I was watching the late show and saw that David Letterman and Sylvester Stallone were complaining that there are not more plate spinners. Well, I know a plate spinner that is a great entertainer. This fabulous entertainers name is Andy Martello. Please consider having him on the Late Show. Check his website out:
Best regards,
C. W.,
Naperville, IL


Dear CBS Mailbag,

Recently, I was watching an episode of
Late Night with David Letterman, and Dave had remarked
that he wanted to bring plate spinning back to television. However, I wanted to write you with a
recommendation for a gentleman who not only spin plates...but is a world-class entertainer.

His name is Andy Martello.

Having known Andy for some time, he has some great comedic material, is an excellent juggler,
and is slowly, but surely, building Internet buzz for his unique brand of off-kilter humor. He even
has a web site - - where you can learn more.

I could have done a Top 10 list, but quite frankly - it would be a waste. I would strongly encourage you

to have Andy on to spin plates, to tell jokes, but more importantly - to bring his unique magic to America.

As a long time viewer, I promise - you will not be sorry.

Thank you for your time and attention.



To whom it may concern;

ylvester Stallone brought up an interesting fact on Mr. Letterman's show; you no longer see plate spinners on television.

As a child, I often saw these masters of gravity working their magic on
Ed Sullivan (in the very same theater Mr. Letterman now works his own brand of magic in) on Sunday's, wondering how in the heck they did what they did.

Lo and behold! I know a plate spinner! Mr. Andy Martello, who can be reached at

What do you know?


K. V.



Sylvester Stallone
was on the Late Show last night commenting something about how there aren't any "plate spinners" around anymore. We'll, he was wrong. Dead wrong! Andy Martello, comedian/juggler/fire eater/magician/etc. is a kick ass performer, who just happens to be an awesome plate spinner! He even has an awesome plate spinning video game on his website... Check it out.

I think Andy's type of old school entertainment is exactly what Dave and Stallone were talking about. Andy has more talent in his little finger than most performers have in their little fingers. :)

I've known Andy for about 14 years now, and he's a great guy. I really hope that you consider having him bring his brand of entertainment to the masses...and book him to be on The Late Show. And if you do...none of this "Do your act/smile/shake Dave's hand/and get off the dang stage"-nonsense. I think Dave should sit and chat with him for a while. That way, Andy can get famous and he can thank me by buying me a burrito after a rock concert or something... and just let me hang out with his newly famous ass.

Thanks for you time,
J. D. (Chicago)

By the way...if you can't book Andy on a show with Stallone (to show him that plate spinners are indeed still...well...spinning)...have him on a show with Joe Walsh from The Eagles. Maybe Joe could even play some plate spinning music for Andy. That would rule!
Thanks again!

Once again... that's


Naturally, I love that last e-mail a lot just for getting a Joe Walsh reference in there as well. Nice!

er good folks have managed to get off some e-mails and blog posts, including my partner in crime, Golfwidow and long-time friend, Magician, Glenn Bishop.

Loads of thanks for the effort and for the support. Let's hope it all helps.

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Blogger Bud said...

Hmm, Cathy and I both wrote to Letterman but neglected to CC you. Hope I can find it now. Trust me, we did it. Don't need the swag. I think I have the full collection, anyway.

7:58 PM

Blogger Michael Manning said...

Andy: I'll be glad to re-contact them for our "Interview". You have sent the contact person a DVD, right? Email me when you get a chance. This is an "opening" that must be followed up which it is fresh. I'll post a mention on today's Blog as a P.S.

1:29 PM


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