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Monday, March 31, 2008

One Year Ago Tonight...

At 9:49PM one year ago, my apartment was blown all to hell by a microburst. In case you've forgotten all about that little bit of history, click the tags at the bottom of this post and get caught up (Or click here to watch a little video I made right afterwards.

That devastation, which would have been a major disaster to some, looks more and more like the BEST thing that ever could have happened to us. Had that not happened, April and I wouldn't be living in Las Vegas now. I wouldn't be meeting new people in the industry, getting exposure in broader markets...

And I certainly wouldn't have gotten to film that political commercial I mentioned. See the previous post for more info.


Just CLICK HERE to see the commercial!


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Friday, March 28, 2008

Did Somebody Say...Andy Martello's in a Commercial???

Indeed I am, folks!

Last week some time (or maybe the week before...I can't quite remember the days anymore) I got a last minute booking. I received a phone call that went something like this...

"Andy this is [a producer] from L.A.. I need to speak to you immediately. Please call me at..."

I figured this was probably a TV or theatre spot for THAT NIGHT (while I
was already at work at Houdini's), likely in L.A. or some place I couldn't get two immediately. I called back and instead it was a call for a Las Vegas...on Wednesday (my day off).

Seemed like a good day's work! After all, I am...The Last GREAT Plate-Spinner!

The spot was for a regional television commercial. Some sort of anti-bureaucracy spot paid for by a tobacco company wanting to stop some sort of freedom-hating legislation no doubt. The bad part - I had to be at the Planet Hollywood at 5 AM on Wednesday. The good part(s) - the cash was great, I'd get said cash that day, and I'd be done by 1 PM. Better still, I'd get a copy of the thing eventually for my files.

The shoot was fantastic, loads of fun, and we got a lot of great footage. Everyone, whether they were from L.A. or locals from Vegas, were great to work with and all had similar senses of humor and fun about them. The director and producer were happy with my performance and all the footage and we were all confident we'd get a good finished product.

At the time we didn't know where or when the thing was to air. We just knew the end client wanted a plate-spinner for the spot and I was the right guy for the job. I was hopeful it would air somewhere I had friends or family, if not somewhere full of people who might see the thing and get me more work.

As it happened, the commercial was finished quickly and it started airing on March 26th. Where? On stations in Michigan's First Congressional District. Who lives there? My mother, my older brother, his wife, his ex-wife, his kids, his wife's kids, my nieces - a whole lot of family! My mom was the first to see the spot and just happened upon it while watching the evening news.

The spot is running during all of the best-watched shows (Oprah, Letterman, Today, etc.) and my family is getting to see it. Very cool!

I was worried it would run at midnight somewhere nobody lives and about 8 people would see the thing. Instead lots of people in my family are seeing it and that makes me even happier.

When I get a copy I'll be sure to share with the rest of the class.

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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Yeah, yeah...

I know. I haven't been blogging. So sue me.

I've got a lot to tell you, but things are kinda hectic without being all that busy at the same time. All I know for sure is that there's been a lot going on, including a bout with the flu. I'll tell you all about everything when I'm more back in order personally.

I'm figuring that this will happen some time after I get my tax stuff sent out. I generally don't wait this long to do it all...but I have this time. SIGH>

Anyway, there's going to be stuff to talk about soon. Like what, you ask?

  • The one year anniversary of the apartment disaster
  • The TV commercial I shot recently
  • My new Andy Martello Collector's Card
  • A familiar house guest coming out to my new home to make Vegas her new home

Thursday, March 20, 2008

I Won't Lie

I watch "Dancing with the Stars". It it kind of addictive. Makes me all misty watching some of these folks get out there and do something they've never tried before.

Come on, people! How could you not cry a little watching Monica Seles have her formal dance, be all girly and dancing with a pretty guy all dressed up?

You people have no soul.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Great Balls AND Fire!

(From the computer desk of the AmericInn in Blaine, MN)

Yeah, I know I'm not seeing the great Jerry Lee Lewis in Primm tonight. However I AM feeding my family by making a SWEET paycheck in Minnesota. Besides, April called me from the show and let me listen a little bit to "Great balls of Fire". She's good like that.

That being said, my show was AWESOME! Extremely well received, fantastic crowd, laughing and clapping all the way. The head honcho even made a point of getting more applause for me and going on about how the "entertainment this year was EXCEPTIONAL". All very good for me.

See, this is the first time in a while that I've been asked to do the full 45-60 minute show and I was worried I'd forget things, be rusty, not make anyone get the drill. I gave them all the comedic juggling, fire-eating, and plate-spinning they could handle and then some. So you could say they got great balls and fire.
Big things are happening for me since moving to Vegas. Yes, I'd like them to come around sooner rather than later, but I've never felt better about any life decision I've ever made. Soon, I'll have some more news to report and I'm hopeful for even more than that.

I am starting to get calls from local agencies. My membership in the North Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce is MORE than going to pay for itself soon. I have a wet bar from the Stardust. Life is good and I'm looking forward to it getting even better.

This gig was fun. I can't wait to do even more. I also enjoyed leaving Saturday morning, performing Saturday evening, and returning Sunday afternoon - all at the expense of the very happy and satisfied end client. More like this one, please!

Friday, March 14, 2008

MMMmmm...Ham Lake

I'm off to Ham Lake, Minnesota for a one-nighter. Back Sunday.

I have to miss seeing the great Jerry Lee Lewis with my wife because of this gig. That being said, the paycheck is more than enough of a consolation prize. late LOST LUGGAGE...please?

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Been Sick. Enjoy This

Click Here to enjoy Garfield Minus Garfield

Friday, March 07, 2008

Look What Was Waiting for Me

Here is a rather lovely tree in bloom. Pretty isn't it?

This was what I saw when I returned from the snowy depths of Michigan. It had just started to bloom before I left and made itself all pretty for my return. NICE!

This is especially nice since I have had rather a difficult time keeping plants alive out here. The sprinkler system doesn't seem to really work properly (especially in the back of the house...lord knows if the almond tree is actually alive) and when I try to care for plants...well you can see the rather DEAD shrubbery next to this pretty tree.

I also am finding a rather cool assortment of plants growing in spite of my lackluster efforts to cultivate a pretty garden. I've no idea what this is...

...or this...

...and this little palm tree seems to be growing like mad and it gets absolutely no water at all (unless it is stealing from the hose when I'm not around. We may have to move this little guy elsewhere so it stands a better chance of becoming way cool looking. If it can grow without any help from me then it can surely live a happy life at another spot on the property.

Regardless, I have taken the absolute minimum amount of time to rake up dead leaves and pine needles and I'll probably plant something next to the mystery plants. We also have a rogue shrub growing in front of some healthier ones. I may dig him up and place him in the spot where the dead shrub currently resides.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Coming Home Early

A pleasant surprise. I'll be coming home early from my Detroit gig. I can see my wife sooner, mix a drink at the Stardust Bar sooner, and make more money by returning to my day job sooner. All good things.

More later.