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Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Every entertainer gets asked, "What's your day job?" If you are a very fortunate performer, your day job is actually a gig somewhere in entertainment. Either on stage or back stage, whether being the act or booking the act, if you are in entertainment and your "day job" is somehow related to entertainment, that is about as good as it gets this side of the fame and fortune thing.

I was very lucky to have been able to say I've made a living in entertainment for over 25 years. The best time for me (pre-Vegas) would have to be when I was working as an agent/producer for Custom Comedy Capers in Naperville between 2000 and 2007. I rarely ever had to ask for time off due to a gig. Being run by entertainers Jim Bina & Jamie Newell, they understood. This was a W2 gig and it made filing taxes a lot easier at year's end. Plus, when you are the one answering the phone at an entertainment agent's office, it makes being the guy called for a gig that much easier. ;)

Today, I started the two-week trial period for what I hope will become my new day job. If all goes well during this two weeks and the producer, cast, and crew continue to like my work, this new day job will be even more rewarding and exciting than the good old Custom Comedy Capers days. It's been around a month in the making with several meetings and auditions along the way. Getting past this two weeks with flying colors is the final step towards being able to pop the Champagne and not just sip the expensive beer.

Today, I am over-the-top excited to be able to say I started my job as the on-stage announcer for The Price is Right LIVE! at Bally's Hotel & Casino.

I'm the guy doing the audience warm up and whipping the crowd into a frenzy. I'm the guy reading the copy informing the audience about the fabulous prizes. Most significantly, I'm the guy who gets to call out the three most iconic words in game show history, "Come on down!"

Most important to this scenario is that, pending the extension of my contract, I'll be making a very good living wage performing daily in a long-running and steadily-drawing show with massive brand name appeal and huge potential for bigger and better things. This one is a big deal for me!

The show runs Tuesdays through Saturdays at the fabulous Jubilee Theater primarily in the afternoons (2:30PM show), with one evening performance being at 7:30PM on Fridays. So not only is this a good gig in general, but it leaves a lot of wide open space for corporate work or even landing a spot on a variety show here in town at night. In ways most wouldn't realize, this is a dream job. It's fun, t pays a living wage (and is a W2 job), it offers potential for many more opportunities down the road, and so far everyone I've been fortunate enough to work with has been nothing but friendly and welcoming. I simply can't express fully how excited and honored I am to have this opportunity.

The pessimist in me wanted to wait until the two-week trial was over and a bigger contract was in place. I just couldn't wait because this is big news, loads of fun, and well worth sharing.

If anyone wants to check out the show while in Vegas, details are at this website.

Don't ask me for comps if you want to play the games on stage. Comps are ineligible. ;)

Thanks to everyone for all the well-wishes and continued support along the way. Here's hoping for even more big news to share very soon.


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Monday, August 29, 2011

Andy Martello New Columnist for North Las Vegas Voice

The first issue is out!

What the Blazes? By Andy Martello, North Las Vegas Voice
click image for larger view

I am now a regular columnist for the
North Las Vegas Voice newspaper.

This is a monthly paper dealing primarily with issues specific to
North Las Vegas, Nevada.

Here's hoping I can help the paper grow as well as
develop a bigger following for my writing.

You may read the full paper by visiting the
North Las Vegas Voice website.
(I'm on page 12)


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Monday, August 08, 2011

On This Date in Andy Martello History...

If you opened the Rockford Register Star that morning you'd learn about my appearance at the Boone County Fair as part of the Reynolds Family Circus.

This represented just one of the many times I'd had an opportunity to work with these great friends but it was also something of a homecoming for me.

Years earlier I had won the Boone County Fair talent contest and this was the first time in a lot of years since I was able to return to the fair grounds and have some fun.

I was also able to visit many friends & teachers from high school, family members, my old home town—a lot of reminiscing was being done that week.

Aside from the newspaper article
(click image for a larger view) I have included a few snapshots taken by my mother who was in the front row for a few shows.

She bore witness to the time I sliced my finger open while juggling sugar cane knives...and didn't even notice! I must have been one great master of manipulation and misdirection even then. There was rather a lot of blood. Oh well, that's showbiz.

Pictured are Mariel Reynolds, aka Mariel A LaMode, Bill Reynolds, and the legendary Gabbs Valley Gabby.

You may recall Gabby from my now infamous tale of what it is like to shower with a horse. You read that correctly.

Don't believe me? Click here.


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