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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Presenting! The Ed Hochuli Drinking Game, AKA "The Mighty Hochules"

Those who know me know I do not like nor do I watch football.

With that being said, I believe I'll make my mark on society as the co-creator of the Ed Hochuli Drinking Game ( AKA The Mighty Hochules ).

 Rules are still being created, but I believe the first few are already making football more enjoyable.

  • A shot for call explanations lasting 6-10 seconds (Two shots for 11-15 seconds,Three shots for16-20 seconds, etc) 
  •  If Hochuli stumbles his words during a call...shot 
  • A correction to his explanation = two shots 
  •  ANY TIME he uses the word "therefore" you DRINK! 
  • Any time the announcer refers to Ed Hochuli by name, everyone screams "HOCHULI!" and drinks a beer. 
Ed Hochuli Drinking Game The Mighty Hochules
  • You may also place these options into a hat and individuals can choose when they drink. Luck of the draw. 

You're welcome, world.
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