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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Afternoon Comedy Magic Show Starring Spike and Hammer: Now HERE'S a REVIEW!

Charlie U. has been a supportive fan almost form the very beginning of our run at the Four Queens. He's come to see the show many times and has even brought friends. He is clearly a lover of comedy and magic and has seen a lot of shows in Las Vegas. Recently he posted this review on a popular travel website (without us having to bribe him with free tickets, booze, or any sort of payola either!).

"I've seen this show a few times in the past 10 weeks that it has been running at the Four Queens. It's an upbeat afternoon of fun! I don't think I've ever seen a better use of audience volunteers on any downtown Vegas stage! The comedic energy flows from the moment Spike and Hammer come on stage, and doesn't let up throughout the show until the applause dies down and the audience exits to greet the performers.

Spike and Hammer play off each other with a freshness and creativity that is awesome to watch. Spike's deadpan comedy rivals Hammer's expressive face as they go from one stream of thought to another with ease and alacrity! It's a real family show....the audience is always treated with respect. The magic is amazing, the comedy is plentiful, the performers are just plain fun to spend an afternoon with at the show.

See this will be doing yourselves a real favor in uplifting your spirits and bringing more smiles to your faces that you can possibly imagine."

Thanks so much, Charlie for being a great friend and fan of Spike and Hammer!

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