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Saturday, December 30, 2006

A Year In Review

While I cannot boast that 2006 was my favorite year, I can look back and be thankful for some of the more enjoyable things that happened. It is kind of lame to do so, but I rarely take a look at the good things that happened to me and acknowledge the many good things I have in my life so why not.

It should go without saying that I am blessed with a beautiful, wonderful, & intelligent wife. Since I doubt I say it enough that's why it is unfortunate that I have to actually say it now. She doesn't deserve to be stuck with me and all my faults and can do much better. Of course, I CAN eat fire. Beat that!

I'm increasingly proud of the Podcrapular Podcast I'm doing with Golfwidow. I know it is a longer show than most podcasts out there. However, I doubt very much that you'll laugh as much at the many truly AWFUL 5 to 15-minute comedy podcasts that are floating about. I tried to listen to a few this week. Ummm...Maybe I'm biased, but we really are damned funny.

This year, I had the privilege of "meeting" Bob Martello, Jerry Schafer, Tony Lovello, and Mark Englebretson as a result of my first year researching the El Rey Resort & Casino. While I can't be certain what will become of all this information this hobby has brought into my life, I can't deny the great fun I've had in talking with these people. Hell, the discovery of "Tonight for Sure" alone was more than enough to make this year more entertaining for me, but I actually got to go to Searchlight, Nevada this year and fell in love with the tiny desert town. Even though I hope I'm far too busy to have any free time in 2007, I hope to devote more of the free time I have to getting enough to write the first of a few books about the subject and get the story of Willie Martello our there.

I was fortunate enough to see the likes of Queen with Paul Rodgers, Def Leppard, Tom Jones, Etta James, and The James Gang on stage this year. I may be forgetting some great performances, but really...That's a hell of a good lineup of talent.

Professionally I happily celebrated a very busy late spring through early fall season, the first in far too long a time. I also updated videos & photos on my website, created DVDs & other promo for the act, and FINALLY got new promotional photos taken, something I'd been in dire need of for at least six years. I'm hopeful to have the "new look" brochures and even more new promo material out in a few weeks.

I know I haven't been able to post it anywhere yet, but I was featured in the world's only Assyrian language/Rap/Reggae music video. That's gotta be worth something, right?

One of my last bookings for 2006 had me working a holiday event for the Chicago White Sox. Now, I was raised a Cubs fan, but trust me, it is still cool to get to meet guys like Bill Melton, Bobby Jenks, and Jim Thome, even if they wear the wrong jersey.

Other fun gigs included my second appearance at the National Mustard Day. I even won a Golden Mustard Award this year.

I'm still saddened by the fact that it was pretty much impossible for me to buy The King of Darts store. I had actually liked the prospect of generating a new career for me to occupy my time when I wasn't performing and pretending to be a writer. However, had I not looked into this I'd have never put the dart board on the wall and started playing again. I love playing darts and I've met some cool people now that I'm tossing again. That's great, because I can always use more friends.

I did manage to lose about 20 pounds this year. Sure I've put some on during the holidays but they'll go away much easier this time. It wasn't the 40 pounds I wanted to lose. That will have to happen in 2007 and I'm in no hurry. I'm healthier and better looking now so that's kind of a good thing. I certainly look better in my costumes, in the shower, on stage, and in my promo photos. Ummm....I'm never in the shower on stage or in my promo pics, in case you were wondering.

Naturally, I'm always happy that I have a loving family and my extended family of readers and "fans" of this blog (which got a face lift this year thanks to Dawn), my nonsense, etc.. It is great fun to know that a few people (and believe me, it really is only a few people) stop by and enjoy this stupid blog and my even more pointless endeavors. It is appreciated. Now please...Help make me really rich and famous, or at least get me on the Letterman show or something. MMMMkay?

I know, a long damned blog post. Nobody likes them, including me. Too fucking bad. Its New Year's Eve and you're not reading this anyway. So Happy New Year to everyone and please wish me all the best of luck in 2007. With the impending move, the slow economy, the lack of gigs I see in my calendar, and a few other matters I think I could use all the help I can get.

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Blogger Bud said...

Happy New Year, Andy. It's always a good year when you are still standing at the end of it. I missed the dart store thing. The rest of that stuff is a lot to celebrate. Love Love Love the podcast but that's because, ya know, I'm podcrapular. Thanks for that, pal. Love to April.

5:05 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now I thought "funny and cute" was good, but you eat fire??? Well damn!! I am going to steal this Happy New Year cocaine picture because it's so innapropriate that I love it. I'm going to link you to my blog too. So expect maybe two more hits a week. I do what I can.

Happy New Year!!!!

7:59 AM

Anonymous LisaBinDaCity said...

Happy New Year Andy! Sounds like 2006 was productive indeed. Here's wishing 2007 is even better...

9:06 AM

Blogger Andy Land said...

*Jules*, steal that photo. That's how I got it. heh.

I'll add you to the blogroll before 2007 hits.


Lisa & Bud, Happy Happy!

10:42 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

ok, the mention of a coke mirror on both of our blogs for New Year's is TOO funny....

I promise to listen to this when I get home...or at least when my boss leaves!!

8:12 AM


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