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Thursday, March 23, 2006

God Bless the Queen + Paul Rodgers Concert!

My ticket stub
Purists, be damned. THIS was among the best rock shows I've ever seen, if not among the best live performances of any kind. Absolutely superior experience in every way!

A quick review: Queen personifies arena rock. I'm fairly sure the phrase was invented because of the band. Every song that they played came out with such power and emotion that we felt this could very well be the least song we'd ever get to hear on Earth. I've waited a damn long time to be able to hear Brian May play the solo from "We Will Rock You" (arguably the single most passionate, moving, and certainly recognizable guitar solo ever recorded) live and I was happy as ever being treated to all of his stellar guitar work.

The musicianship is always amazing and the vocal work of Paul Rodgers makes for a perfect substitute for Freddie Mercury. not a replacement. A substitute. he's got most of the range, all of the credibility, nearly as colorful a wardrobe, and the necessary charisma and vocal power that someone ballsy enough to take on this Herculean task should have. plus you get the added benefit of several Bad Company & Free songs played by a KILLER band!

Speaking of which, there are some rock songs that, in my mind, are so integral to the development and history of Rock n' Roll that, had they not been written, the genre simply wouldn't have happend quite the same or nearly as well. Like those time travel stories where someone goes back one billion years in time, steps on a caterpillar, and -POOF!- London, England doesn't even exist and Detroit, Michigan is on fire on every day BUT Halloween when they return to present day. The Free classic, "All Right Now" is one of those songs for me.

In all, the tributes to Mercury within the show were tasteful and appropriate. The lighting and staging represented everything that rock concerts should be, and the entertainment value was extremely satisfying. THIS is a great show and I hope they continue onward for a long time. I highly approve of the experiment.

Check back tomorrow for some thoughts about bands that go on without key members.


Blogger sue said...

I've always liked Queen... sounds like one helluva concert. Glad you got to go! We were supposed to have Aerosmith in town yesterday, but it got cancelled 'cause Stephen Tyler's having throat surgery or something. Wouldn't you know it? At any rate, glad you got your money's worth!

6:52 AM

Blogger curmudgeon said...

Saw a portion of that concert from a recording. It was good. I would like to purchase a DVD of the thing.

Let's see now. Bands that go on without key members...
There are quite a few. But the first one that comes to mind is Van Halen.
I'm going to stew on that a little though. Sounds interesting.

1:55 PM


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