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Sunday, February 13, 2005

Corrections from the Content King!

I made quite a few posts yesterday. I posted a lot of links and talked about gigs, blogs, stories I worte, nice people, and so on. I try to make the effort to make my blog fresh and worth reading. I neglect my dirty dishes, my regular job, and my friends (both of them) just to bring you some of the finest in useles information on the World Wide Web!

Occasionally I make some mistakes.

Like in the last post I made yesterday I forgot to mention Bud Buckley had also made nice mention of me in his blog on Wednesday. In yesterday's penultimate post he did get an entire paragraph touting his musical abilities, posting a link to his audio clips, and prompting people to buy his CDs, but I did still forget to mention him in a post specifically about people that blogged about me and I went ahead and fixed that this morning.

I also made an egregious error regarding the lovely and talented Miss Marjo Moore. The error was so bad she contracted tuberculosis and began coughing up a storm in my comments section yesterday. In an attempt to keep her from dying on me I've chosen this post to make my correction.

It seems I got the name of her blog wrong. I'd noticed the difference when she changed templates but I didn't make the change in my list of blogs or in my big stupid head. Marjo Moore in no longer everywhere you want to be, unless, like W.C. Fields, you would rather be in Philadelphia. So let me make this official and do a proper plug for Marjo.

Read Me, Seymore

I did a little research and found out that Marjo was considering a few other names before settling upon "News & Views from Philadelphia" .

Those names include...

Philadelphia Freedom of the Press

Philadelphia! FUCK Pittsburgh!

IMPORTANT Philadelphia News
(Did You Know Jon Bon Jovi Owns Our Arena Football Team?)

Do Me, David Lipsky!

Rearrange the Letters in My Name and You Get
"Ear Mojo Rom"
"O, Ram Me or Jo"
"Mo Rare Mojo"
"OO! More Jam, J?"

WHEW! I sure hope this clears things up a bit. I apologize to Marjo Moore for improperly promoting her blog. I'll try to do better next time. When you're done here, be sure to check out her work. She is a great writer and much more worth your time than my blog!

Philadelphia's Own,

All Cheese. No Steak!


Blogger Bud said...

Ha, thanks Andy. I posted a comment on the end of yesterday's comments! You're the shit! And the Bukkaki!

9:37 AM

Blogger marjo moore said...

LOL...thanks for the correction, Andy. I was just joking.

Incidentally, I've corrected my blog error as well. Sorry :d

Hey Andy, do an internet search for "free blog templates"- they're out there. Banners, as well.

6:07 AM

Blogger Andy Land said...

Nothing to apologize for Marjo. I just wanted to have a little your expense of course!

I think there's going to be some interesting news regarding a blog template very soon. SHHH! It's gonna be a surprise!

4:39 PM


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