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Saturday, February 12, 2005

The Penguini Are Flying to Canada!

It is COOLER in Canada, Eh? Kim from Bacon & Eh's, one of my favorite blogs, has been feeling under the weather lately. She also recently celebrated a birthday. On top of all that she's been a big supporter of my work, if not a loyal commentator on this blog.

So I took it upon myself to send her a combination "Happy Birthday-Thank You-Get Well Soon" gift in the form my patented FREE STUFF package.

Well today there is a post at Bacon & Eh's about her little gift as well as this fine photograph!

It is always weird to me, seeing my stuff in someone else's house. Of course, that's why I have the brochures, the collector's cards, and the FREE STUFF: to send it out to clients, friends, fans, etc.. I was very pleased that the package arrived safely and that it suitably cheered up Kim. I just hope she learns how to juggle those little penguins. Penguins so love to fly!

Now that Kim and I have concluded this session of virtual mutual masturbation I figure I should make mention of a few new blog friends and other finds I've come across.

Recently added to the mix is musician, Bud Buckley. His blog is a very cool read indeed, and if you are a performer like me, you get some extra fun out of hearing even more tales of life on the road. There is comfort in finding out musicians are just as unlikely to share info with other musicians as comedians are when talking to other comics. He writes well and he's got sound clips of his music available on his site for your listening (and later CD purchasing) enjoyment.

While reading Bud's blog, I found a link to another Chicago area blogger, For Fuck's Sake. There's some great content from this 34 year old writer with a fear of commitment. Fun stuff. I'm hoping to get back there and read more, maybe even meet her and talk about the writing game one day. She may have more of a writing pedigree than I do so any info on the biz is helpful. Of course writers may be just as hesitant to help out other writers as musicians, comedians, etc.

In any event I hope to do a link exchange with this gal soon. I suppose I should e-mail her and ask for one. At the very least she might come on out to some of my shows once in awhile since I can't count on any of my regular friends to do that anymore. More on that later.

Another person I should e-mail for a link exchange is Tina Dupuy. Tina is also a stand-up comedian and while I haven't had the time to read her blog thoroughly or even decide for myself how funny she really is, I know she is currently stuck working the road in Montana! I've been there. If for no other reason she should have someone read her blog and comfort her in this time of need. She clearly needs a friend right now! For God's sake, HELP! I found her blog while visiting the very strange and extremely entertaining Curse the Conscious Blog. Funky Freddie, if you're out there and want to link up, drop me an e-mail too! Love your blog!

For reasons nobody can truly understand I have done a link exchange with Handy Randy of the 60 Cent Blog fame. What can I say? The little fuckwad grows on you after awhile. Kind of like crabs without all the blue ointment. Go read his bizarre rants and learn some new curse words or something.

Some other blogs I don't mention often enough:


Blogger Kim said...

Virtual mutual masturbation? Hot doggy! That sounds exciting LOL

Thank you my friend :)

6:39 PM

Blogger Andy Land said...

WOW! I don't get a thank you when I'minvolved in GENUINE mutual masturbation. I feel so special!

No problem, Kim. I thank YOU for all the support, traffic, and friendship.

If we ever meet I'm sure you'll think I'm an asshole. But of course, it will be too late!

7:42 PM

Blogger babe-envy said...

yes you will! yes you will get it!

12:04 PM


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