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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Commercial Still Running...Still Making Waves

Let's hope someone, or really, "the right someone" will see the ad and get me on some more TV programs or something. Here are some new links

Tzvee's Blog not only posted a link to the commercial on YouTube (the second mention of the ad in a few days), but also added a link back here. As per years worth of precedence I thank him for the link and I am always happy to return the favor. Here's a response to the final comment that features the link, "And here is the web site of the actor Andy Martello who was somehow roped into the awfulness of this gig."

Again, thanks for the blog plug (though my actual website is found elsewhere.).

As for being roped into the awfulness of this gig, nobody was "roped" into doing anything. Everyone involved in the shoot, smoker or non-smoker, had a great time. We all got to do what we love in a tough business to make a living within. You can't always pick your clients when you are in entertainment. Sometimes you get the folks who ruffle feathers, sometimes you get the fuzzy puppy people. If the non-smoking folks wanted to do a similar advertisement with me where I eat fire to simulate the effects of smoking on the lungs or make other gross comparisons (thanks, Golfwidow for the idea) I'd have taken that job as well. However, those folks weren't hiring me and probably would have asked I do it for free.

Roastfrog had a great mention of the spot, if not some excellent commentary regarding the subject. Though I do resent being tagged as, "a clumsy circus style plate-spinner". Dude...I was taking direction well. I am a ROCKIN' PLATE-SPINNER!

PRWatch also had a mention, along with a posting of the video as it appears on YouTube.

I enjoyed reading Mark Binker's blog entry about the subject, found at

Josh (of Podcrapular Lite fame) has been more than kind enough to claim that I am famous!

Other noteworthy news sources featuring articles and screen captures of the ad are...

North Carolina's The News & Observer. DON'T ever try to call them and actually speak to someone who knows anything about the whether or not they actually ran the story and photo in the print version of the paper. It is much faster to just buy a back issue and hope for the best.

The Wilson Times. DO call them if you'd like to speak to someone who knows anything about the whether or not they actually ran the story and photo in the print version of the paper. I e-mailed the author of the piece, Matt Shaw, and he was not only able to confirm it was in the paper, but he sent me a tear sheet of the article free of charge, along with information that the ad is still running in his neck of the woods. THANKS, Matt!

Thanks to all for the links and the re posting of the commercial. More importantly, thanks much for not taking out your aggressions on the performer in the spot, namely...ME. I've got no problems with you hating the message. Just don't hate the messenger. A gig is a gig and one's personal politics rarely factor into the decisions made to further one's career. Besides, even though there are a few ads running now with plate-spinners in them it is not like there are LOADS of commercial opportunities like this one.

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Blogger muthah said...

Think of it, Andy. You wouldn't have gotten all this exposure if it had been an anti-smoking ad. It's the negative ads (witness the political ads running now) which get the publicity--witness the red telephone ad. RJ Reynolds got a lot of free publicity--and you got seen by a lot of people. Now, will the "right" person please stand up with a fistful of money for that plate juggler--or fire eater. That was also a good idea. Thanks from a proud mother to everybody who called attention to the ad!


4:50 AM

Blogger LisaBinDaCity said...

Wow, you have a lot of momentum happening right now. Good for you, Hon. I can't wait to see what happens next!

5:21 AM

Anonymous roastfrog said...

Hi Andy,

So that plate spinner was you! Thanks for linking back to my blog. Of course by clumsy I meant "really talented performer pretending to be clumsy"-- you know that, right? ;-)

There must be an interesting story behind how you got roped into this thing, would you accept an interview on my blog?

Take care!

6:32 AM

Blogger golfwidow said...

May I say, squee?

10:24 AM

Blogger Andy Land said...

Didn't know there was anything "squee-worthy" here. Of course, you can squee all you want!

Roastfrog...drop me a line. Always willing to talk about...ME!

10:38 AM


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