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Monday, August 20, 2007

It Was the Best of Luck, It was the Worst of Luck

I'm heading back to Illinois one last time (for now) Tuesday. I'm actually getting some real cash to come out and do a gig as Jake Blues. I'm sure this is bugging the guy who hired me because he absolutely hates when someone else gets paid more than he does. Long story.

Since I haven't' quite decided if I am a lucky person or not, given how all this crazy stuff has played out and all, I feel I can lament over the LOUSY luck I'm having regarding this trip.

The gig is on a Wednesday night. That leaves the prospect for an entire weekend in August (a busy time for all) available for me to work. Long before I marketed to everyone who has ever hired me in the hopes that some extra work would come from this. After all, the way the show biz thing has been working out in the last few years, about the only thing I can count on is that people will book extremely LAST MINUTE by way of comparison to times when a retarded monkey isn't in power and screwing up our economy.

The last minute thing should play well into this week. I did market and alert everyone of my in-town status long before this week, anticipating the last minute trend to continue. I even went ahead and booked myself through Sunday, taking a chance that I'm right about this thing.

As it happened, only one thing came in and it is a cheapie. Not that I'm complaining. Any more cash in my pocket is a good thing right now. But Thursday, Friday, & Saturday EVENING (always the busiest times in the summer) provided not much of anything. I could have taken a flight in and a flight right back out and gotten this new life underway. Instead I'm committed to staying through with relatively nothing to do outside of more marketing and such.

A waste of time and money in my opinion!

Yes, I am fortunate to had come out of the apartment mess unscathed and even more fortunate to have found a way for us to live out our dream of living in Vegas. What I wasn't expecting was the rotten luck afterwards. The aforementioned story is one example. The fact that we're really just moving our poverty to a warmer climate is kind of buggin' me though. Also, the job hunt among the attempts to get the "career" going issues are staring to really drive me batty.

Remind me to tell you about an agent selling me to a club recently by completely misrepresenting what I do and actually getting me a gig...for less cash than expected...and I kind of have to take it simply because I need the work and need to get my name out there even more.

I know all this will take time to make things work, but really, do I have to become one of the Vegas homeless, living under a makeshift tent made out of a stolen beach towel in order to do it? It's beginning to look that way.

And I'd be miserable at either job! Just thought I'd throw that in there, even though all of your advice was greatly appreciated.

Oh yeah, I'd sure appreciate it if some of the actual entertainment-related jobs I applied to would return my e-mails or at least see how abundantly qualified I am and call for an interview! If I HAVE to get a job that doesn't involve me performing, I'd really rather it be in the business somewhere. This is the kind of town where I could happily make a great living off the sweat of someone more talented and not miss the stage at all. Put me in a damn retail job, even one that's SORT OF, but NOT REALLY in the biz, and I'll be dead by Christmas. Trust me on this.

Here endeth the rant.


Anonymous sue said...

Sorry...guess the ol' good luck mojo just isn't working right now. I'll keep tryin', though!

7:54 AM

Blogger Bud said...

Thinking about bad luck is really self destructive. I hope you can stay focused on the good stuff, such as it is, and more good stuff will come your way.

9:59 AM

Anonymous LisaBinDaCity said...

I hear ya, I got my own rant going for different reasons.

Positive thinking for us both!

4:39 AM


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