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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Wage Woes

I won't name names as I don't want to upset things, but I need to know...

If you were me...

Would you rather take a job you know you'd probably hate that pays no less than $16.75/hr plus bonuses and instant benefits or a job that starts at no more than $10.00/hour with bonuses and benefits and would probably be more fun (and SORT OF related to my industry)?

Retail manager running things and selling things I don't care about = job I'd hate
Retail salesman selling trinkets SORT OF related to my biz = Job I'd probably enjoy

Neither job will be my "career" if I have anything to say about it. Of course, I won't have much to say about that until the marketing starts to pay off. The "happy" job has room for raises and growth and the "not so happy" job offers the same, but more in bonuses and possibly in benefits.

I was offered both jobs today.

More money, even if I am selling my soul for a year, could really help make this living in Vegas thing work out better in the long run. Neither job really necessarily allows for me to take a lot of gigs, but the "happy" job MIGHT be more flexible.

I told the guy from the "not so happy" job I had other interviews I am committed to attending (not true...yet) and that I have to be out of town in Aug 21 through 26 (true). I understand if he has to fill the position right away, but he told me to give him a call when I'm ready. The "happy" job folks told me they could wait until I'm back in town and the job would be there for me when I return.

April really wants me to take the "happy" job because it is less likely I'll come home grumpy every night. Plus I probably won't hate myself nearly as much.

Most everyone else says the same.

I say that before taxes and other issues that reduce my pay, the "not so happy" gig would pay $670/week and the "happy" gig would pay $400/week to start. Happy or not $2680 a month really beats out $1600 a month doesn't it? extra $1080 a month before taxes beats it. That's a 32K+/year job vs. a 19K+/year job. See what I mean?

I'd still be working my ass off to try and generate some entertainment work. I'd still consider these as temporary survival solutions. One would allow me to save some cash and the other would allow me to pay most of my bills and not much else.

What the hell? Can't I just be a comedian who happens to juggle?


Blogger Gordon said...

First, I feel for you - trying to choose between happy and poor and not-so-happy and barely scraping by.

I've been in both situations, and my personal preference is the happy and poor.

Why? Because the happy and poor jobs - which I *love* - have often led to cool opportunities, which in return have given me skills so I can get a happy-and-rich job.

Personally, I want to be paid obscene amounts of money to do nothing...but no one's hiring for that.

10:38 PM

Blogger muthah said...

I'm with April--take the happy job. Remember the rash every morning at the toy store? I'm sure that you'll get known out there for being a comedian who juggles soon anyway, so take something you might enjoy even for less money. I know you hate retail,but you're so good at it! Either way, don't snort at bennies.


3:38 AM

Blogger Bud said...

I've always been kinclined to go for the gold myself. but if yu already have a head on about the not happy job, your mental health comes first. Tough choice.

4:01 AM

Anonymous sue said...

Tough decision to make. I've chosen both ways at various times in my life, and although the extra money is nice and you think you are justifying it all by the money, you really are losing ground. Really.

Take the happy job. It is worth the mental health. A happier Andy makes a better sales person for the most important product... ANDY the comedian who happens to juggle.

8:29 AM

Anonymous LisaBinDaCity said...

I'm with April, take the happy job. You'll finally get benefits and can still do your thing nights and weekends.

4:17 PM

Anonymous jules said...

If the difference between the two jobs was not $6.75 I would say take the happy job. But $6.75 an hour is $54 a day more. If it's just a year and either way you will be settling, settle for more cash- try to make the best of it for the extra $54 a day (aka- make an effort to bitch less.

However, can you afford to live with the lesser paying job? The $270 extra a week is enough to feed you and April for a few weeks at least. But if April is making enough that you can decently afford to make less, than take the lesser paying one.

Or- you could take the not so happy job- and keep your eyes open for a better paying, happier job. :)

I hate to be the person focused on money... but well, as the "breadwinner" making a less than 40K a year, I would kill my husband for taking $6.75 less. But maybe I'm coming from a different place.

*hugs Andy!

8:16 PM

Blogger Michael Manning said...

I agree with Lisa B. and Bud. For some reason a business card with your photo, Web, Email and Cell sounds cool to have in your back pocket since you never know who you will meet out there.

11:14 AM

Blogger Webmiztris said...

if you can get by on the job you'll be happier with, go for it! it's better than going to work every day to a job you hate...

happy anniversary, guys!

8:33 AM


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