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Monday, March 05, 2007

"Ladieleh Moyleh Brayah" by Lazar Malko(Feat Reggae Artist Zen and a Certain Fire

You may recall that last year I was part of a music video shoot for what has to be the world's only half-Assyrian language/half-Reggae pop/rap song. If you don't remember any of that or simply want to refresh your memory you can certainly click this link and get all caught up.

Well kids, it has been some time, but finally the video is up SOMEWHERE for you to watch. Thank Heaven for YouTube. Of course, now that it is on YouTube that means it can also be seen right HERE!

So, enjoy...

"Ladieleh Moyleh Brayah"
By Lazar Malko (Feat Reggae Artist Zen)


Blogger golfwidow said...

That's way cool. He's all, "Juggling ... juggling." How many of the rest of us can say we've had a reggae singer incorporate our career choices into a song, aside from, I suppose, any musicians? (Or possibly, drug dealers?)

3:23 AM

Blogger wyn said...

Is there any way I can buy the DVD? I went to their website and found only the CD for sale, and of course proud mother can't see her son on a CD.


5:23 AM

Blogger Bud said...

That is just the coolest thing I've seen in a long time. You were jugglin' jugglin' alright! Eatin' breathin' fire too, mon.

5:18 PM

Blogger Bad Bad Girl said...

I think the video should have ended with you swallowing fire and then a fade out.... That was fucken slick.

5:53 PM

Blogger Andy Land said...

There's no DVD to own. this is simply a music video for the song, which primarily only gets airplay on Assyrian radio and television. If there ever is a DVD I would of course let ya know.

10:08 AM


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