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Friday, February 23, 2007

Bodies, Booby's, Boobies, & a Couple of Boobs

My Older, Wiser Brother and his lovely wife arrived today. We won't get to spend a ton of time together but this being a rare weekend where I have relatively few gigs we will get to enjoy a few bits of fun.

Today I'm heading back to the Museum of Science & Industry for another dose of Body Works 2. My brother read about the exhibit on my blog and both he and his wife have been wanting to see it. So why should they go all alone when they can go with ME, which is like going all alone only with a lot more dick jokes?

However, today we all (Brother, myself, and April) helped bring my sister-in-law into the "real world" by introducing her to the legendary culinary treat that is...The Booby's Steak Sandwich (Several links found within that search link). Hell to the yeah! Life can never be bad when you've got one of those tasty skirt steak delicacies in your tummy.

And speaking of Booby's...Well, more like, "Speaking of BOOBIES"...

I've been lax in my duties of posting fan pics. But how can you blame me when THIS is one of the fan pics I got? Really, you almost have to keep this one to yourself if you're a greedy, needy type like me.

This "set" of photos (and what a set it is) came to me from the Bad Bad Girl blog as well as the MILF Blog. This was in response to some big pimpin' Golfwidow and I did on their behalf during our special "VD Episode" of Podcrapular. I'm always happy to get fan pics. Rae's Secret, also of the MILF Blog posted her own special photo for me, though not necessarily a fan pic (I just choose to believe it to be) on her blog, My Pink Taco.

Naturally, about all I can say is...WOO-HOO! Oh yeah, I can also say thanks!

Lastly, the latest episode of Podcraular is up and running. Should you miss this one I can't even pray for you as your everlasting soul has obviously been claimed by the depths of HELL for not being supportive of our hilarious project. You'd best get right with the world and take a listen.


Blogger Bad Bad Girl said...

Do you keep pimping me so I will send you more pictures??? Cause you know, this could go on and on and on...

10:45 PM

Blogger Andy Land said...

I'll never turn down more photos, but you haven't been around here long enough to know I'm a big ole blog-whore. Someone mentions me I mention them and so on.

Not trying to dissuade you from snapping the pics, just sayin...

Of course, I'm still waiting for the day when I get some fan responses like this one...

10:50 PM

Blogger Bud said...

Thanks for sharing, Andy!

11:57 AM

Blogger tkkerouac said...

Very interesting blog, do you like my towel dance?

9:15 AM

Blogger Andy Land said...

Yes indeed I DO like the towel dance! But I'm sure you could have figured that out all by yourself.

Thanks for stopping by. I'll be checking out your blog later.

9:20 AM

Blogger tkkerouac said...

hope you dont mind if I borrow that ass, thanks for stopping by.

12:49 PM


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