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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

At Last...Photos from My Appearance on Ghetto Boy & The Full Monte!

Kelly at the Helm.  Photo by Andy Martello There's our hero, Kelly Williams (AKA Ghetto Boy) working all the buttons and controls for their soon-to-be HIT internet radio show. Hard to believe that they'd let a man with so few discernible skills be in charge of all that high-tech equipment, isn't it?

You can tell we're not really on the air yet because Kelly's mouth ain't fucking open and he's not wearing his headphones. Not too soon after this we went LIVE to an audience of somewhere between 7 (7) and 100,000,000 (7) listeners.

Monte and Sharon.  Photo by Andy MartelloYou can sort of understand why Kelly gets to run all the machinery when you take a look at Monte. He's a great guy and one talented actor/comedian, but I'm not all that sure I'd let him touch my expensive stuff. Hell, I'm amazed that he's LEGALLY allowed to be that close to such a cute lady.

That's Sharon, member of the Chicago Audubon Society and one foul-mouthed, saucy little number. She has some sort of vendetta against Monk Parakeets and a love for "The Shocker".

Kelly With COCK!  Photo by Andy MartelloAfter discussions about pussy parties, guys in caves, and the obligatory fisting comments, I gave the hosts their very own Rooster T-Shirts! Kelly is beside himself with happiness at the thought of having no fewer than THREE COCKS on his chest!

I was sure to make mention of the guys at fu-qtoo as well as some of my other blog friends and colleagues. I'm sure everyone is sorry that they have those fucking JOBS and that they couldn't call in or IM the show!

I must say, few things make me happier than doing the show-biz thing and giving away stupid gifts to the hosts of TV and radio shows. I'm just spreading joy, one shirt at a time!

Don't We Look COOL!Eventually the show had to end. Two hours felt much more like a day and a half. And we all got to wear our sexy Rooster T-Shirts. I wanted to give Sharon one to wear but she seemed a bit nervous about having cock on her chest. Virgins! Harumph!

It was more fun than a handful of puppies and I'm sure I'll be off to the radio show again some time soon.

Many thanks to the boys for having me on the show!


Blogger Fu-Qtoo said...

Some seriously funny shit was happening on the part of the show that I got to listen to. I especially loved the plug for the shirts! I think that Ghetto Boy needs his own shirt too, but then I think that everyone needs their own shirt.

On a side note, I got the back design finished for the Phuck U Athletics shirt, I'll email you the pic.

Thanks for being the awesom guy you are Andy, we have lots of love for you! Of course in a non-homosexual brotherly love type way.

5:21 PM

Blogger Kim said...

You are the man aren't you? Look how many more people love you (in a non-sexual way of course) LOL

8:49 PM

Blogger Andy Land said...

Yeah, but as a married man I need all the loving in a sexual way I can get! But I'd start with Kim, the uberbitch, Marjo, etc. first.

I think the fu-qtoo boys would have to come pretty near the bottom of the list, some time after Mrs. Fu-Qtoo! ;)

Kelly the Ghetto Boy and the Full Monte each got shirts, but perhaps they'd love their own shirts. I'm SURE that the "Fuck the FCC" design could easily be adapted for the Fearless Radio family! I'd e-mail Pat at the station and work out a deal with them!

Damn! If only I were this good at selling my act, my writing, my everything. :(

9:29 PM

Blogger Ghetto Boy said...

We want t-shirts! We want t-shirts! We want t-shirts! HUZZAH!

Who does a guy gotta cajole around here to get some t-shorts?

10:28 PM

Blogger Andy Land said...

I'm thinking if you posted to the Ghetto Boy post at the fu-qtoo blog, you might stand a good chance of being heard. ;)

Look at all the work I do for you! Man, imagine if I were on the show all the time! LOL!

10:35 PM


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