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Monday, March 20, 2006

Golfwidow's Gifts Keep on Coming.

Louie Louie the Penguin
OK, I just didn't look in the box thoroughly enough. Inside her recent care package was also an origami penguin. Normally that would be enough to entertain me, but THIS penguin had a special decoration on the paper. Printed all over the paper was the lyrics to Louie Louie, making this the hippest handmade penguin ever. LOL!

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Monday March 20, 2006 Weigh-in
220 Pounds
Net Loss for the Week: 1 pound
Overall Net Loss: 20 pounds

I was hoping to be under 220 this week. Been as low as 218 and as high as 221 all this week. The good news is I hit 220 AND I bought a cheap pair of smaller jeans ("transitional jeans" as I call them) to tide me over as I lose the next 20 pounds.


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