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Friday, February 17, 2006

Penguins, Penguins, Everywhere.

I guess it is no secret that I enjoy penguins. I am sent penguin news, penguin gifts, and offered penguin information on a pretty regular basis. I've even been told that when some folks find products with penguins in the name or on the packaging they immediately think of me. Isn't that cute? Funny, I tend to think of Golfwidow when I see penguins.

Speaking of Golfwidow, she was kind enough to send me this very funny little penguin cartoon yesterday. How could I just let it fester on my hard drive when I could be sharing it with YOU? Thanks, GW!

Just the other day the fine folks at the Outhouse Rag sent me a video of some chimpanzees telling a penguin joke (a clip gleaned from The Man Show). Always cool.

I was also given a very cool penguin gift from my lovely wife recently. Aside from all the beautiful sterling & stainless steel jewelry, body jewelry, and belt buckles sold at Marche' Noir (where she works), they also have an excellent selection of way cool watches. I know this because I've bought MANY excellenttime piecess from there ever since she started working at the place.

One such supplier of watches is the mighty Fossil company. I've always liked their watches and lately I like their packaging as much as the product itself. Currently their watches come in very cute little metal boxes with all sorts of eye-catching pop art on the sides. Check out the designs on this particular box!

What's that? Is that a pair of Origami Penguins on the box? Well shuck my corn, it is!

Now this wouldn't be cool enough for a blog post at Andy Land if there weren't something extra right? Well kiddies, on the sides of the box are diagrams teaching you how to make your very own Origami Penguin!

How cool is that?!

Now don't worry about some poor customer being slighted a watch box. Every box is different and they actually have hundreds of extra Fossil boxes at the store. Since I have more than a few Fossil watches it seemed OK for one box to find its way home to me and April had the blessing of the Supervising Manager of Fossil Box Inventory Management. Uh, yeah.

Now if you'd like a better description of how to make your own penguin you can certainly go here and get a PDF file. I have yet to try this myself, but I know I'll get around to it someday.

Thanks, baby for giving me a little box!

Wait! That came out all wrong.


Blogger golfwidow said...

Everyone I know thinks of me when it comes to the penguin swag, but I always think of you. So I guess Penguins Are Meant to be Shared.

5:49 AM


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