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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Listen to Me On the Radio Tonight!

Well, actually you'll be listening to original member of The Kingsmen, Dick Peterson, and I'll be on chatting with the man as well. Confused? You won't be after logging on to The Allen Handelman Show (Click the link for info).

Allen Handelman hosts a show in Charlotte, NC every Sunday night from 10 PM to 1 AM (EST), Rock Talk. One of tomorrow's special guests will be the aforementioned Dick Peterson, author of a new book about the world's best party hit, Louie Louie. You may recall I blogged about this before Christmas.

I was asked earlier (Saturday night) if I'd like to be on the show to chat with Peterson. They even used a scan of my LL 45 on their website, as well as linking to my and they also stream at YOU can even call in to the show. Here are a few more details.

Heard live on Sundays from 10pm to 1am, EST
Call in to the show at 1-800-Rock-Talk(That's 1-800-762-5825)
Call Allan's voice mail: 704-596-4718
Send him

So you see, there's really no excuse for missing this. I have no idea just how much talk time I'll be getting. I do know that this is quite a fun and cool honor for me to get to chat with the guy. I mean, Eric gets to do this kind of stuff all the time, but a moron like me? Nah!


Blogger Bud said...

Andy, this is very cool. I'll be listening if I'm still conscious. Going to be out partying most of the afternoon nd evening.

4:22 AM

Blogger Dr. Dro said...

Hello Andy. I must ask you about the picture you have in your bio. Are you urinating in it? Just wondering about that expression on your face.

6:58 AM

Blogger Andy Land said...

Ahh Bud, you party animal!

Howdy, Dro. Yep I am pissing in that photo. I'm pissing on a photo of you.


Good to see ya, Dro.

10:01 AM

Blogger Spook said...

Excellent. I'm going to make an attempt to set my hardware up to record this right to my computer. Will let you know how that goes and send the resulting file your way.

1:58 PM

Anonymous E.P. said...

Alright Andy! You ain't no moron! You got your fingers in the good stuff... nuff said....

2:00 PM

Blogger Andy Land said...

Yeah My fingers are in the good stuff, but let's leave her out of this right now. -OH!-

Spook, that would be most excellent if you could save the segment for me. The folks at the station said they'd send me a copy of the whole thing (since I'm on dial-up and would never really get to hear it LOL) but some back-up is always helpful.

2:46 PM

Blogger Spook said...

Sadly, that didn't quite pan out. A FM station out of Chicago didn't come in on my reciever too well. As for streaming it, they didn't really have a reasonable way of catching said stream. THey wanted me to install crap into my browser that doesn't seem to exist for firefox. Alas.

6:03 AM

Blogger Andy Land said...

No biggie. I'm pretty sure they'll send me a copy. I could't hea rthe interview while on hold so I just showed up not knowing if they'd even talked about any of the crap I was asking about. LOL!

7:42 AM


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