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Sunday, March 06, 2005

I Never Got a Photo

Having never met Marjo Moore in person I cannot say anything about how she looks in her skin. I assume she's about 3 feet tall and has horns & warts, but that's because she's never sent me a photo. However, I can say that her blog looks GREAT in a new skin. Don't believe me? Well check it out!

I shouldn't have had to hear about this from Bud. I should have been told directly by the Bitch, since we're penguin buddies and all. As it happens, she has a new photo blog. It has many beautiful and fun photos of her paradise life in Hawaii. She has a great eye! She may have two of them, but I've no idea since she has never sent me a photo. Hawaii is also known as "America's Superfluous Nipple", but you'd never know that without visiting the GlassHoppah blog.

Now I've never been fortunate enough to get a photo from this lady either, even though she CLAIMS she's working on a fan pic for my site (and really isn't). However I have gotten to see much more of the uberBitch than I'd ever hoped thanks to her rather naughty nature and fantasmagorically hot bod. Soon there will be many fine photos of her in a new bikini. Until then, check out the many fine cleavage and stocking photos she uses to tease us poor simple men. She'll think I'm kidding about this but I'm much more interested in seeing what Naomi's face looks like. All we ever get are the pouty lips (working it for the camera) and her hair covering all the parts I'd have to look at most if she were looking back. But I don't mind all the boob, legs, and ass shots I guess. ;)

One more lady that has never sent me a photo is Jessica. However she need not concern herself with such things because there are PLENTY of photos of her rather fetching and scantily clad self on her blog, Painting Jessica.

When I first told people there was something for everyone at her blog I am quite sure you all thought I meant, "There's erotic literature and naked photos of Jessica". Well yeah, that's all there, but if you weren't such a fucking pervert (or assuming I'm one) you'd have seen this week...

  • Great photos of Philadelphia
  • Beautiful artwork and photos
  • Stories about dealing with her mother's failing health
  • A recipe for cherry pie (the food, not THE Cherry Pie)
  • Baseball & Peanuts characters

So please check out her thought-provoking and beautiful blog and actually experience the things being shared with us. There's plenty of time to fantasize about Jessica later. I usually do that myself around 11:30 AM and 4:30 PM, with an occasional encore performance at 1:00 AM.

Wouldn't it suck if Jessica were a man and pulling a massive internet hoax on us all? Ah hell, I'd get over it...I'm lonely!