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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Hehehe...Darth Tater!

Photo: Entertainment Weekly. The Forks Be With You! Thank GOD SciFiDaily takes care of all the important news in the world of science fiction! I wouldn't have the time nor the patience to sift through it all and find high-quality content. Those guys are THE BEST! They also write great post headlines! Hmmm...Another great blog? Must be more guys from Chicago!

But then again, thank my lovely wife April for having a subscription to Entertainment Weekly (A magazine I REALLY need to be writing for. DAMN those guys are funny sometimes!). Were it not for her (and EW)I wouldn't have been made aware of the Darth Vader Mr. Potato Head doll coming out this year!

This was #2 on EW's current "Must List" and I have to agree, this is a MUST HAVE! This MAY be even cooler than the Spock Monkey!

Sure, there will be some hardcore Star Wars freaks out there that will think this is just another in a long series of unforgivable sins from George "No really, the next movie won't suck nor will it make you feel as though your childhood has been stolen!" Lucas. But those guys are just assholes!

To the folks who can't live in a universe where a Darth Tater exists, don't let the pod bay doors hit you in the ass on your way out!

Long Live Darth Tater!


Blogger homercat said...

The Spock Monkey was pretty cool, but you're right Darth Tater is on the must get list. I don't care what anyone says I liked Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones and can't wait till the next one. And Jar Jar is not gay.

1:23 PM

Blogger Andy Land said...

Let's not get silly, here. Those last two Star Wars movies were dreadful. I just don't think the Darth Tater should be included as one of the Lucas mistakes. :)

I hated Episode 1 & 2 then and I hate them now. I stand firm as the ONLY PERSON on Earth to come out against Episode One as utter childhood-ruining trash. I worked at a store that sold coomic book and sci fi memorabilia at the time and every day I had to endure the wrath of the Star Wars fans who tried to convince me the film was great, only to hear them get their snob on and rail against the flick by the time it came to DVD. I'll likely write an article about the Star Wars experience for one of the magazines about the time the next flick comes out.

And Jar Jar isn't gay. He's just a stoner, plain & simple. Not necessary in the Star Wars universe, but he's there nonetheless. Kind of like Highlander 2 (and 3...and Endgame). Completely unnecessary, but there nonetheless. I choose to pretend they don't really exist. LOL!

2:57 PM


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