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Friday, January 28, 2005

You Gotta Have F-R-I-E-N-D-S!

In this world of mutual virtual masturbation known as blogging, one is occasionally fortunate enough to have some folks blog about YOU and send traffic your way. I am no exception to this ego-pleasing practice. this week seems to be busy for old Andy. Where to start...

How about Bitchitude? That seems like a good place to begin. If you head on over there you will not only find great rants and essays, you will find an entire thread about shamelessly plugging other people's works and blog posts. That sweet Bitch was kind enough to mention my selfish need for fan pics at her blog and I'm most appreciative for the extra help in this endeavor.

Why do I want fan pics? I'm an entertainer and therefore very fragile and easily depressed. I like love and adoration even if I have to bribe someone for it all! More importantly, I just MAY get a fan pic like THIS ONE found at the I'll know I'm gaining fans when boobs start showing up in my e-mail!

Speaking of Fu-Qtoo, I have to thank them for coming to my defense. They found out about my latest hate mail posted at The Cheers and felt it necessary to rant about this guy. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion...but I choose to like Fu-Qtoo's opinion about me more than my anonymous detractor. I'm funny that way. They even mentioned my FIRST piece for The Cheers in their post. I love these guys!

And speaking of The Cheers, fellow Cheers journalist and all-around kick-ass lady, Marjo Moore took some time to make mention of my latest Cheers article. Sure she may have selfish motives for doing this seeing as how she inspired me to write the darned thing, but it is always nice to be mentioned! Head on over to her blog and read some of the "crap" she's been writing lately!

On Tuesday of this week, Kim from Bacon & Eh's was kind enough to throw in a subtle little plug for my Jesus article at The Cheers. Those Canadians are sneaky! I never fully trusted Alan Thicke for this reason.

Lastly, is giving an extra week's worth of life to my latest plea to Berkeley Breathed. If you miss it at The Cheers, check it out there!

Thanks as always to everyone for the support, the comments, the rants, and the friendship! I'd kiss you all if it weren't for..."my little problem".


Blogger BTude a.k.a. GlassHoppah said...

Awwww, Mr. Martello - that's Ms. Sweet Bitch to the multitudes of sheepish drones ;) lol I'm so full of it, eh -- sometimes, anyway!

Drop me an email about your webring wants, I'll send ya some url's for free, easy setups (of course, only if it comes with a disclaimer for non-Andy's) in the event there are only two Andy's out there, blogging their buns off! Whatever ya do, don't pick a crappy one!

11:09 PM


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