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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Welcome Sundance Film Festival Bloggers!

It seems my post regarding the film, "The Aristocrats" has been linked from the very cool Sundance Film Festival Blog, As a result I have had quite a few new readers coming through Andy Land.

Hmmm...MovieIn an attempt to make this blog a little more interesting to the film buffs I would like to direct your attention to a film by my good friend Frank Stokes. His film, "Buttleman" is currently in the Had to Be Made Film Festival and I figured that once all these Sundance fans are done Sundancing the night away, they might be interested in seeing this film at thier leisure from the comforts of their own home. Buttleman stars John Hawkes and did extremely well at the Chicago Indie Fest this past summer (a fest sponsored by the Sundance Channel).

Please CLICK HERE to read my post about the film and the Had to Be Made Fest. You can see this great dark comedy without having to worry about the traffic, the snow, and the higher prices of food in Colorado.

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