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Sunday, January 16, 2005

The Apocalypse Approaches!

NO, it has nothing to do with my Jesus Post!

I believe that the end of the world is coming because William Shatner just won a Golden Globe for ACTING! He won an Emmy for acting just last year. I love the guy, but this is getting a bit much!

Of course I'm all for the end of the world so I genuinely hope he wins a Grammy for Album of the Year. Let's face it, Has Been ROCKS!

I suppose he COULD win an Oscar for acting. Seems unlikely, but he will be in the sequel to Free Enterprise this year. He's on quite a roll and stranger things HAVE happened!


Blogger Brenda said...

Well I like his commercials with Spock. I always wanted to be like Spock,,,nothing could rattle him.

6:02 PM

Blogger Andy Land said...

My wife is a BIG Spock fan. Has a Spock watch and everything. LOL!

7:16 PM


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