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Monday, November 02, 2015

OUTSTANDING Review for "Pretty Words. Nothing More."

" A short and simple book of poetry that still packs an emotional punch, Andy Martello‚Äôs Pretty Words. Nothing More. An Unlikely Book of Poetry is a brief collection that depicts love, loss, and longing. As the poet describes in the foreword, this project originated as a series of Facebook posts that included poems following along with accompanying images. A future edition of the work will include original artwork. Martello hopes that the reader will focus on the words alone in this edition, which create a feeling that titillates the senses. The poems inside are more or less one long poem separated by breaks, telling the story of a man and a woman, and the passion they share, and the loss that can be present when problems arise between two people who feel so thoroughly connected. The kinds of feelings that come about because of love and lust are certainly complicated, and Martello does a good job of expressing all of the different emotions that we as humans face through his poems.
Martello is clearly a talented writer, as even from the small amount of content that is within the pages of this book, it is obvious that he has a way with words. His poetic verses are succinct, but still powerful. Focusing on duality, and a seemingly singular relationship between a man and a woman, returning to it through different lenses again and again, the reader will find themselves speeding through this book. This is the way poetry should be, playing with assumptions and turning them on their heads, not over wringing out words repeatedly to create something completely unknown, but something new instead. The only problem about this collection is that we wish it was longer."

Red City Review

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