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Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Amazon Reviews and their New Review Policy

Amazon has rather wrongly decided to start removing book reviews if their algorithm determines the reviewer knows the author.  I understand the good in
tentions behind it since some people will just shill for their friends and all.  However, it has no way of determining the relationship with the author, no way to prove or disprove the review is sincere, and no way to ensure all reviews are "real" other than, perhaps, insisting only verified Amazon purchasers are allowed to review a book.

My friends who have reviewed the book all know better than to blow smoke up my ass.  If you don't like it, tell people, especially ME, why.  However, Amazon's algorithm doesn't know that either.  So...

In an attempt to keep all of the reviews I have received, I plan on reprinting them all in daily blog posts until mine are taken away forever...assuming they are actually taken down by Amazon.

Check out the reviews from Amazon, leave your own, or buy your own copy to review today!

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