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Monday, February 20, 2012

The End of an Era...Possibly.

With so many recent, big changes in my life (Some day I'll be able to fully expound upon them.) I have been giving great thought to cutting off my "trademark" ponytail.

While I understand that a large percentage of people out there are saying, "It's about f@#$%!g time!" there are also a lot of you who will be thinking things like, "NOOOOO!" or "Huh? Really? Why?" I also fully accept the fact that the majority of you are saying, "Who really gives a sh!t?" or more likely, "Yeah, yeah...can you get me tickets to see The Price is Right Live? I wanna meet Joey Fatone."

With that being said, I think the era of the ponytail may soon be over in Andy Land. It will be celebrating its 25th birthday on April 25, 2012 and will probably be gone that same day IF I am indeed cutting it off.

I'm asking for your opinions on this classic "Should I stay or should I go" proposition. Since I must keep comments off of this blog for the time being, thanks to a nameless a$$hole, I ask that you post your comments and thoughts at my Facebook fan page.

Go to and let me know your pros and cons for and against removing the legendary ponytail. You may have to LIKE the page before leaving your comment if you are not already a fan.

Tune in throughout the week for more Tales of the Tail.


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