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Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Big Changes in February

Thanks to some other big changes in my life, which I choose not to discuss publicly at this time, I am hoping to make a few big changes this month. Not the least of which is a month of no alcohol.

I'm not at all worried that I drink too much or anything like that. However I have packed on some serious pounds since around mid-November and very much of that has to do with a rather large increase in drinking, accompanied by a large decrease in activity. So...

As a type of body cleanse I will be reviving my once-great tradition of riding my bike and walking every day as well as spending the month without alcohol. I of course will increase other activities and resume some of my healthier eating habits.

Yes, I realize I picked the shortest month of the year to go without a drink. Yes, that is completely a strategic move. ;) WAIT—this is a leap year? DAMMIT!


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