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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

One Month

Yeah, I know that there are not as many readers as there once were (my fault).
I'm aware that I haven't posted nearly as many "brilliant" or "interesting" things as I have in the past (was I ever brilliant or interesting?)
Sure, even though Blogger (a Google product) is better for getting things into the searches, I realize many more people are using Word Press these days.


The important thing is that I have managed to get off my duff and return to blogging as promised. This represents one full month of blog posts and for me, it's a minor victory.

Activity breeds followers by increasing internet presence and boosting your name in the search engines. All of this can lead to more work and better promotion of my various projects. Mostly it means that I did in fact make sure to take a little time from my day and write again. That's very important, especially since I need to finish the final revisions of my book and get it ready for editing and publishing this year (It will happen in 2012. I know it!).

If nothing else I managed to get some dude angry enough to force me to disable reader comments for now. I must be doing something right. ;)


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