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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Looking to Travel

I'm hoping that my day job at The Price is Right Live! keeps me busy and happy for many years. That being said, the opportunity to take vacations diminishes greatly with this job. Not a big deal. I've had many and I've had none at different points throughout my career and I know how to amuse myself quite well.

I do manage to get a couple of days off a week and can be on a plane or in a car headed to somewhere every Sunday at 4:30. So...

I'm hoping to make brief trips at least once a month throughout the year. With luck I'll be able to do this once a month and not ruin the money I'll be making from the show nor the savings I'm trying to build.

Some of the places I plan to visit will be places I've been before. Others will be new to me. Sometimes I hope to visit friends. Other times I hope to make new ones.

This month I head to Phoenix, AZ to visit friends and enjoy a little r&r in a familiar location. Next month...who knows? Locations I hope to enjoy in my two-day increments include...

San Francisco
San Antonio

Any suggestions?

Down the road, I'm hoping and praying that this is the year I get my book published and spend my days off on a book tour, signing & selling books, seeing the world, and truly living a dream—a good dream, that is.

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how about Baton Rough?

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