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Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Friendly Reminder: is BRAND NEW!

If you haven't been there in awhile for a visit, or if you have never been there at all, please make sure to check out my main website,

I have always been proud of my website since it truly did attract a lot of customers and was always very popular. Unfortunately, it got a little stale (updates not withstanding) after about 2005, when it was 5 years old. More unfortunate is the fact that I had neither the time nor the money to do a total overhaul.

In 2011 that all changed and a newer, streamlined, ultra-hip was born!

The Ultra Lounge of the Internet -
Please be certain to check out The Ultra-Lounge of the Internet and refer me to anyone looking for the best in comedic entertainment.

AGENTS: You can use when referring clients. No contact information of any kind is there and you'll be cashing a commission check in no time.


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