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Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Expect one, if not a few, full-length columns from me about this particular subject in the future.

Now, more than ever, I am asked for free tickets to shows. They're simply known as "comps."
Being in Las Vegas everyone assumes I have a hook-up for every show in town. I suppose it isn't that hard to believe that I'm friends with every headliner in town. I am awesome after all.

However, while I cannot lay claim to any pull with EVERY show in town, I generally do have limited control over offering comps for shows that I am in . When it is a friend of mine, I am usually happy to offer comps for my own show.

What I am not happy to do is offer comps for a show only to find out that you (my friend) are not going to show up and claim them! These shows are hard enough to sell tickets to, especially since everyone in Las Vegas (the locals) believes they're entitled to free entertainment, even though these same locals never patronize the Strip & Downtown businesses. The shows need to pay their acts, pay for the room, pay for advertisement, pay for maintenance and bar staff—they rely on money coming in to the show in order to stay alive and running.

When you ask for a comp from me or any other entertainer in town, and you then GET that comp, you had BETTER show up to watch the show. We have to ask the producers for the freebies, knowing that there's that much less money coming into their production. To secure a comp and then not show up makes the act look bad adversely affects the show, my relationship with the producer, and the overall experience. Plus, I'll be that much less likely to treat you so nicely in the future. Why offer favors if they're not appreciated.

In short, if you get a free ticket from me or anyone else, show up. When you're there, pay for a drink, a souvenir, SOMETHING to show a little support. It's only right.


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