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Saturday, May 07, 2011


Andy Martello in the Northwest Herald, May 5, 1988May 5, 1988, found my young and ugly mug featured in the pages of the Northwest Herald newspaper. Click image for larger view.

The interview was conducted in between a series of school shows and conducted/written by Kurt Begalka, who has interviewed me a number of times. I was 17 years old about to make it to 18 and eagerly awaiting results from my application to Ringling Bros. Clown College. I still use some of the jokes in here...and forgot about some good ones. Hmmm...

Among the cool things about this article:

  • I was issued a special pass from my principal to miss classes and take these paid gigs for the students of Zion Lutheran, Hawthorn, and Riley elementary schools
  • It details pretty well the "EUREKA moment" I had while trying to learn to juggle
  • While I'm not at all as famous as I'd promised in the piece, I am STILL WORKING!
Among the bad things:
  • What was up with my hair?
  • What was up with my costume?
  • hair?
This was a very nice article and I'm happy I still have a copy in the Andy Archives to share with you.


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