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Friday, October 01, 2010

Been FAR TOO LONG Since I Shared Penguin News!

Those of you who have read this blog regularly (both of you) know that I am all about the penguins.

Thanks to friends of mine, Christine Fron and Angelia Paulin I can share some cool (COOL...get it?) penguin news.

Like I wouldn't be jazzed about scientists discovering a 5 foot tall ancient penguin fossil!
Yeah, right!

What's that? You wanted to SEE the fossil for yourself? Ok.
(See above or click the other link for more)

Since these ladies were kind enough to share this fabulous news, I recommend you check out their way cool website, and deck out your bride in some killer style.

Thanks, ladies!

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Anonymous BTude said...

You rock, Andy! Thanks for the 5 foot penguin size Pimpin! :)

PS I'm still trying to picture a penguin that size walking around... now we wait for the documentary!

12:34 AM


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