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Monday, June 07, 2010

The Reviews Keep Rolling in for Spike and Hammer

I love real reviews from real people!

Yeah I know that official media reviewers are "real people". I just mean that it somehow means more to me to hear great things form everyday people who come to see our show and are genuinely happy they did.

Soon after receiving such a heartfelt and glowing review on City-Data, some folks decided to check out the show for themselves. Even better was the fact that they felt compelled to respond on that bulletin board and add their own review.

We are always grateful for anyone who tries to spread the word and this instance is no exception. We always encourage fans to tell their friends in whatever manner they see fit. We also know not every review will be stellar...but we're sure happy that most every one we've seen thus far has been so positive!

Here's a follow-up post found on

"I just got back from the show. I spoke to them afterward... they remembered you and appreciated the review you posted here.

You were right.... they are fantastic and funnier than hell. My stomach hurt several times from laughing so hard. I highly recommend spending an afternoon to go see them. Great show - they definitely deserve a bigger stage!

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