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Monday, September 21, 2009

I'm Watching "House" Tonight...

...and there was a plot point in the season premiere of "House, M.D." that reminded me of something that actually happened to me. Though this same story line has been seen in other shows and movies, it was a real-life situation for me and I remind you of it today.

Check out this article, "Good Show" I wrote some time back and published online first in The Cheers. Anyone who watched tonight's show will know what I'm talking about.

Please pardon any odd captions or out-of-place text within the article. It seems in the years since I wrote for that online magazine, the format has changed often and some of the captions and such have been rearranged. Anyway, enjoy.

"Good Show", by Andy Martello


Anonymous Spook said...

Was it lupus this time?

I bet it was lupus!

7:19 AM

Blogger sue said...

That must have been quite the experience for you! :)

8:08 AM


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