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Friday, August 14, 2009

Reviews from the Juggalos

I'm certain not everyone liked my act, but I am still shocked and amazed that a comedy/juggling act (albeit a dirtier one than my corporate crowd enjoys) was so well accepted by this crowd. let's face it, it is a bit in the "not what I'd expect" category.

So here are the reviews, along with my firm belief that i should remain a professional entertainer for a bit longer. Now I can lay claim to getting laughter and applause at a funeral as well as a Gathering of the Juggalos. Crazy!

From some folks who stopped by the blog...

Insiniak says...

Hey Andy! I just wanted to say, I remembered to find you and hit you up. I caught your show at the Gathering. . . and yea, as a juggalo i will say, you had mad love! Did you see what went down with the lame hypnotist? What was better is that you kept a coolhead during the taunting of balls and sexual acts along with Faygo showers and flying beercans, thats how you earn your wings with our crowd! I got some pictures for ya. . . but they are blurry. I didnt have means to record video sadly. :( i dont have many, but will send you what i have! Hit me up on myspace or something and ill get your email, i included my url.

Anyways, this is way too long now, but i just wanted you to know that you kicked much butt and when you get a FAMILY chant from the juggalo's, your set for life with us. Hopefully you got paid with no fuss ninja! (thats a term of endearment too, lol)

He also e-mailed me those blurry photos and added...

I really enjoyed your show though, your a funny muthafucka and handled yourself very well with such a spontaneous crowd. Anyways, i took the liberty of commenting your blog so your other fans can see that even juggalos love you! lol

nec100 says...

I also witnessed BOTH of your shows at the Gathering this year. I was really impressed on how you kept your cool and even found humor at people throwing stuff at you. I agree that throwing stuff isn't very safe and think that my juggalos and juggalettes get too carried away, but being a juggalo for 16 years, my age is 31, I am pretty use to getting hit in the head by open containers and sprayed with Faygo. Anyway you rocked and loved the humor. Definitely need more people like you to come to the Gathering. Unlike Pauly Shore who after a few jokes and hit on the head he split and said he would never come back. Woop Woop... Anyway that guy's rise to fame was back when everyone watched MTV. YUCK!!!

Let me just say right here...As a lesser-known comic, I always KNEW (or at least HOPED) I was somehow better or funnier than Pauly Shore. Hearing it from someone else adds some much needed vindication in my life.

Juggalo, Bill Kranz, took the time to write me and post some videos from the second show on YouTube, adding...

Hey, here are some videos of you at the Gathering of the Juggalos. There are seven short videos from your second day. You were great and I hope to see you there again next year.

The ongoing audience commentary on these videos is just HYSTERICAL! If you listen closely on the 5th video you can hear an even better review...

Juggalette: "Don't heckle him. He's awesome!"
Juggalo: "I wouldn't heckle him."

I also received a couple of clips form that same show from a NamelessNancy Williams and I'm grateful.

The most recent comment I got was an email from Cory Phillips. I enjoyed this one a lot...

Hey, my name is Cory. I was at the gathering of the juggalos this last week. I seen your Saturday and Sunday shows, wanted to tell you that we all loved your act.

You were the best act there besides the concerts, no offense. This was also my first year going and I will be there again next year, hope you will as well.

Anyway i had to tell all my friends about you and check out your web site as soon as i got home.
Cory Phillips

I have also received some requests for collectors cards and the like, as well as MySpace and Facebook friend requests from Juggalos and I continue to find great satisfaction in knowing this, or any audience, found enjoyment in my work. Some entertainers go their whole lives and never get such genuine responses.

Thanks again, Juggalos.



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