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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Juggalo Gathering: Day Two

After making a decision not to do the plate-spinning act the second day (why give them more targets to aim for?) and taking a little time to write even more comedy material about the event, I went back to the Juggalo Gathering more confident that I could do this show.

I'd been assured and reassured several times from people at the event that I did indeed have a great show on Saturday and knew better what to expect and how to approach the show. If I needed any further validation, I was told many stories about a hypnotist they'd had earlier that day who completely BOMBED, even being heckled BY THE VOLUNTEERS ON STAGE - "I'm not hypnotised, yet. Are you? This sucks!". So I am certain I earned that "FAMILY" chant from the Juggalos.

Let's face it, if I'd have gone in trying to go my happy, corporate show I'd have been crucified by this crowd. so I ended up performing my late-night comedy club blue room version of the show. I dished it out to hecklers better than it was being given. I had relevant commentary about the event, the surrounding area, and the fans. I also provided a lot of dark comedy to match the tone.

The second show went even better than the first in my opinion. I had a captivated crowd for the entire time. Lots of laughs, plenty of cheers and more than enough "WOOP WOOPS" to go around.

Only one bottle being thrown in an attempt to disrupt (or perhaps add) to the rola-bola trick I perform. The bottle didn't even make it to the stage, hitting a tent pole long before coming my way. In classic "Andy's a smart ass" fashion, I commented, "I don't want to egg you guys on, but to the guy who threw the bottle and missed...YOU FUCKED UP!". This brought about some great laughs and a chant from the Juggalos towards the bottle-thrower.

I had Sunday's show in the bag by my best estimation.

I have no way to prove this, but I had a few folks tell me I may have been the first guy on stage to tell the Juggalos that they fucked up...and survived. Juggalo history made. LMAO!

All in good fun!

There was no Faygo or other liquids splattered upon me, but I do have some props that are now permanently stained by...GWAR blood! Photos some other time.

Truthfully, any videos sent to me by Juggalos will look great on YouTube, but won't be suitable to my promo...or corporate work...or agents...or children...or anyone. However, they will be fun for me to watch and fun for me to remember the great time I had meeting the Juggalos. I'll also share some photos & reviews from the event as the Juggalos find me and forward them to me.




Blogger Krissteen said...

Great Job Andy!! I am so happy that you didn't get stabbed! I should have warned to you pick up mass quantities of Faygo.. my bad! Oh well, you will remember next time!
Kudos to you for doing the blue room. A saying you may have heard while there... MCL to you my friend.. MCL!

1:35 PM


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