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Sunday, August 09, 2009

Juggalo Gathering - Day One

I am shocked to learn that there are still "firsts" left for me in this world.

Yesterday marked the first time where the audience yelled and swore at me, told me I sucked, & threw tons of crap at me while on stage. AFTERWARDS the sound guy & stage manager came up and (without humor or irony, mind you) said, "Man, they fukin' LOVED YOU! You're act easily went over the best of all the acts on this stage that didn't involve naked chicks." Even got a "FAMILY" chant from the Juggalos. I take it this is good?

All told, big fun in an odd way. The show today will end up being a bit shorter than yesterday's simply because it is too dangerous to spin plates and have bottles thrown at me at the same time.
There are fun things about the Juggalo crowd. When you make a mistake (whether it be me or someone on stage) a huge chant of "You fucked up! You fucked up!" emerges from the crowd. I knew to expect this one and figured it was not much different from a large crowd of drunks at a comedy club. Maybe a little louder.

Things I wasn't ready for? Well the ladies oil wrestling after the show was something of a treat for me I guess. Would have liked more action, but it was very hot and humid so I can understand taking longer in between matches.

I would have liked some of the topless women to put tops back on, while others to have taken them off. Of course, this is a matter of personal taste.

I suppose I could do without the throwing of objects on stage. After all, I'm not a band and therefore not necessarily used to that sort of thing, even though I've been told it was something of a term of endearment this time around. The problem is I am juggling knives and eating fire so that makes it not only a danger to me, but everyone involved.

I can conclude that the majority of the Juggalos are very fun and friendly folks. There is a sense of solidarity among them, different from the fans of other bands. It isn't like mainstream radio stations are putting the Insane Clown Posse on heavy rotation or anything. So these folks FOUND this music and made a connection to it as well as found friends with whom they can relate. I believe that this is different from the fans of the Grateful Dead, Phish, Dave Matthews, and KISS in a big way.

I can also assume that the food is better here than at a Dead show, the music is louder than at Ozz Fest, and the ladies are MUCH easier to talk to than those bitches at Lilith Faire. Seriously, just TRY getting Sarah MacLaughlin to oil wrestle.

I am looking forward to my last show here. I am hopeful NOT to get hurt and equally hopeful to get paid. I am very happy to have met the folks I have, some of whom were genuinely interested in watching my show, even if I wasn't EXACTLY what they expected when reading "MAD Juggler at the FREAK SHOW TENT" in their program.

And I must make a correction. It is not "WOOT!" It is "WOOP, WOOP!" Big difference. Ask a Juggalo to explain it to you. Better yet, ask a Juggalette!



Blogger Julie said...

Well I didn't know that throwing things was every good- but if they loved you- well then great!!!

I laughed at the 'put the tops back on'.

2:32 PM

Anonymous Insiniak said...

Hey Andy! I just wanted to say, I remembered to find you and hit you up. I caught your show at the Gathering. . . and yea, as a juggalo i will say, you had mad love! Did you see what went down with the lame hypnotist? What was better is that you kept a coolhead during the taunting of balls and sexual acts along with Faygo showers and flying beercans, thats how you earn your wings with our crowd! I got some pictures for ya. . . but they are blurry. I didnt have means to record video sadly. :( i dont have many, but will send you what i have! Hit me up on myspace or something and ill get your email, i included my url.

Anyways, this is way too long now, but i just wanted you to know that you kicked much butt and when you get a FAMILY chant from the juggalo's, your set for life with us. Hopefully you got paid with no fuss ninja! (thats a term of endearment too, lol)

4:29 PM

Blogger nec100 said...

I also witnessed BOTH of your shows at the Gathering this year. I was really impressed on how you kept your cool and even found humor at people throwing stuff at you. I agree that throwing stuff isn't very safe and think that my juggalos and juggalettes get too carried away, but being a juggalo for 16 years, my age is 31, I am pretty use to getting hit in the head by open containers and sprayed with Faygo. Anyway you rocked and loved the humor. Definitely need more people like you to come to the Gathering. Unlike Pauly Shore who after a few jokes and hit on the head he split and said he would never come back. Woop Woop... Anyway that guy's rise to fame was back when everyone watched MTV. YUCK!!!

10:17 PM


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